How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 02 2004

"CHiPs" star Estrada ERIK
"Dragonwyck" author Anya SETON
"My Name Is ___ Lev" (Potok) ASHER
"The Magic Mountain" author MANN
"The Pirates of Penzance" heroine MABEL
"Watch it!" EASY
"___ Jury" (Spillane novel) ITHE
"___ Remember" (1960 song) TRYTO
Adjust a brogue RETIE
Animal's restraint TETHER
Approach NEAR
Behavioral quirk TIC
Belly problem ACHE
Binding materials TWINES
Brenner Pass range ALPS
Bull in a ring TORO
Bump up against ABUT
Cascade Range mountain SHASTA
Caught in the act SEEN
Church section APSE
City in Greenland THULE
Climb, as a pole SHIN
Coffee container URN
Command to Sweet Charlotte HUSH
Construction spots SITES
Convex molding OVOLO
Currently possesses HAS
Curved arch OGEE
Dietetic word LITE
Discharge EGEST
Doughnut-shaped object TOROID
Elliptical OVOID
Essentials NEEDS
Eve's boy ABEL
Familiar sibling title SIS
Famous septet SEAS
Feminine suffix ETTE
Finally ATLAST
Foolhardy RASH
Full attention EAR
Gay Nineties' footwear, perhaps HIGHBUTTONSHOES
Gay Nineties' foundation garments, perhaps CORSETANDBUSTLE
Gay Nineties' lingerie, perhaps COTTONPETTICOAT
Gay Nineties' shape, perhaps HOURGLASSFIGURE
Ghetto SLUM
Grayish-brown eagles ERNS
Highminded NOBLE
Highway hauler RIG
Jockeys' uniforms SILKS
Looks at curves? BATS
Mechanical helper ROBOT
Miser's motivation GREED
Mountain in Exodus HOREB
Naysaying ANTI
No-nos for Tiger BOGEYS
Not yet on the sched. TBA
Overhead railways ELS
Pipe fitting TEE
Point of contention ISSUE
Popular summer destination POOL
Pre-release software version BETA
Raptorial bird OWL
Rib-tickling COMIC
Room connector HALL
Samara source ELM
School board SLATE
Sound quality TONE
Suffix of superlatives EST
Turkish general AGHA
Type of pop COLA
Ump's counterpart REF
Underworld groups MOBS
Used car caveat, sometimes ASIS
Woodwind member OBOE
Worldwide workers' assn. ILO
You're tense on this EDGE
Youngster TYKE
___ bolt from the blue LIKEA
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