How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 30 2009

"... ___, dust to dust" ASHES
"An ___ of prevention ..." OUNCE
"Arts" anagram TSAR
"Cheers" actress Perlman RHEA
"Hey, good ___!" LOOKIN
"Nautical" prefix AERO
"The Turn of the ___" SCREW
"Yay, team!" RAH
"___ go bragh!" ERIN
"___ your heart out!" EAT
100 Cambodian sen RIEL
112.5 degrees away from S ENE
1991 missile SCUD
AAA assignment TOW
Absorbed RAPT
Alka-Seltzer-into-water sound PLOP
An earth tone OCHER
Anguine fish EELS
Appease SATE
Arabian Sea sultanate OMAN
Arctic sea bird AUK
Area in an abbey APSE
Army division UNIT
Attention-getter in a library PSST
Automobile engine part CAMSHAFT
Bat Masterson's aid CANE
Bath place TUB
Become limp DROOP
Boater's getaway spot LAKE
Burger topping, perhaps ONION
Certain Alaska native INUIT
Cheat at Pin the Tail on the Donkey PEEK
Chinese toy, for short PEKE
Church support TITHE
College head, in slang PREXY
Contents of some lockers MEAT
Covent Garden staging OPERA
Criminal charges RAPS
Diet, in adspeak LITE
Drug cooked up in labs METH
End of a warm weather pun RIGHTTOBAREARMS
Entrenched routine HABIT
Euphoric feeling GLEE
Feature of some lions MANE
Gun's recoil KICK
Hard-twisted cotton thread LISLE
Hebrides language ERSE
Hideous giant OGRE
It may have a combination LOCK
Jung's feminine component ANIMA
Kilauea flow LAVA
Kind of change EXACT
Kind of saxophone TENOR
Like some advice LAWYERLY
Like the outdoors VAST
Middle of a warm weather pun SINCEYOUHAVETHE
Most minuscule WEEST
Org. that rolls out the barrels OPEC
Overthrow of the government COUP
Pickled flower bud CAPER
Primordial matter, to some YLEM
Pull, caveman style DRAG
Reason to visit the school nurse LICE
Silver salmon (Var.) COHOE
Slyly spiteful CATTY
Soft mineral often carved SOAPSTONE
Sounds of contentedness AHS
Start of a warm weather pun USESHORTSLEEVES
Survivalist's stockpile AMMO
Take out a sword UNSHEATHE
Ten-percenter, briefly REP
Western Samoan currency TALA
What to eat to lose weight LESS
Winged ALATE
Worshiper's distance? AFAR
___ noire (fearsome entity) BETE
___ Rio, Texas DEL
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