How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 30 2007

''Don't make ___!'' (''Freeze!'') AMOVE
''That's clear to me'' ISEE
''The Joy Luck Club'' nanny AMAH
''The Magic Flute,'' e.g. OPERA
''___ will be done ...'' THY
1975 Wimbledon champ ASHE
A double reed OBOE
Actor Benicio Del ___ TORO
Admit frankly AVOW
Be a pack rat HOARD
Benevolent KIND
Brainstorming result IDEA
Cap site KNEE
Cause of a call to an insurance company AUTOMOBILEWRECK
Checker innovation THETWIST
Crazy way to run AMOK
Emeril's word BAM
Enthusiasm ZEAL
Exemplar of craziness LOON
Famous synonymist ROGET
Fascinated by INTO
Fox or Rabbit honorific BRER
From square one AGAIN
Gaius' garment TOGA
Geologist's division EPOCH
Gift-giving trio MAGI
Globe-trotter's need VISA
Go-getter TIGER
Grand Banks catch COD
Helena is its cap. MONT
Hold one's ground STANDPAT
Hullabaloo DIN
It may be passed or cocked HAT
It's easy PIE
Kazan resident TATAR
Kind of ''hole'' or ''holder'' POT
Latex application COAT
Lecherous guy ROUE
Like some missiles AIRTOAIR
Lock horns VIE
Make a surprise visit SHOWUPUNINVITED
Makes lace, in a way TATS
Midmonth day IDES
Misbehave ACTUP
Mongolian desert GOBI
Monopoly buy HOTEL
More than suggest URGE
Mythical meanie OGRE
Name in a 1973 decision ROE
Napped leather SUEDE
No-goodniks CADS
Of few words TERSE
Old man, to some DADDY
One of three bears PAPA
Plains resident IOWAN
Plotters, collectively CABAL
Poor-box contents ALMS
Retire in a hurry GOSTRAIGHTTOBED
Run without rushing TROT
Skirt feature PLEAT
Sonic boomerang ECHO
Soon, to a poet ANON
Sportscast feature REPLAY
Sticky strip TAPE
Suspicious FISHY
Take five REST
Think out loud OPINE
Torn or Taylor RIP
Type of deck POOP
Type of deck with allegorical cards TAROT
Wait awhile BIDE
When tripled, a 1970 movie TORA
Whole nine yards ATOZ
Wide-mouthed jug EWER
Word with ''punt'' or ''kick'' RETURNER
Workbench gripper VISE
___-de-camp AIDE
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