How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 28 2016

"Beg pardon ..." AHEM
"Do the Right Thing" pizzeria owner SAL
"Much ___ About Nothing" ADO
"The Twilight Zone" telecasts, today RERUNS
"The ___ of Pooh" TAO
"What ___ the odds?" ARE
"Yippee!" alternative HOORAH
Animated Olive OYL
Approaching, in romantic poetry NIGH
Baltimore's bird ORIOLE
Bambi's mother, e.g DOE
Bit of Halloween attire MASK
Body shop convenience LOANER
Challenge to a canoer EDDY
Clairvoyant's favorite letters? ESP
Common roller-coaster feature LOOP
Common savings vehicle IRA
Concentrate, in a way DISTILL
D.C. veterans POLS
Director Howard RON
Drunk, in slang STEWED
Evolution adherent DARWINIAN
Fence for defense PALISADE
Ferret's cousin ERMINE
Flared dress style ALINE
Former nuclear power agcy AEC
Full of dryer fluff LINTY
Gangster's gun in old films GAT
Golden Horde member TATAR
Group of eight OCTAD
Half a matched set HERS
Handed-down history LORE
Has a hunch SENSES
Historic Alabama city SELMA
Hole-___ (golf coup) INONE
Humorous internet image MEME
In a quandary TORN
It includes angles and shapes BASICGEOMETRY
It might produce a run SNAG
It's far from a flattop AFRO
It's used to take flight? STEP
Jon Bon Jovi, for one ROCKSTAR
Like much lingerie LACY
Little salamander EFT
Lobster eggs ROE
Lung opening? AQUA
Make fun of TEASE
March family creator ALCOTT
Metal-shaping tool SWAGE
Moray, e.g EEL
More moth-eaten, e.g TATTIER
Much, slangily LOTSA
Musical with its own glasses? OPERA
Not us THEM
Notable period of history ERA
One way to get out of debt REPAY
Pavarotti solo ARIA
Photo ___ (media events) OPS
Photographed or taped ONFILM
Place for an orchestra PIT
Plastic ___ Band ONO
Providing bearings ORIENTING
Shoes, sandals, sneakers, etc FOOTWEAR
Short choral composition MOTET
Singing club GLEE
Sleep phenomenon REM
Spanish capital MADRID
Take out, to an editor DELE
They include numerators and denominators COMMONFRACTIONS
Thing picked up at the beach TAN
Tiny carpenter ANT
Tokyo of long ago EDO
Tossed with force FLUNG
When doubled, a Society Island BORA
X = 3, X + 2 = 5, and others SIMPLEEQUATIONS
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