How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 28 2013

"Brothers" who failed on Wall Street LEHMAN
"Four score and seven years ___ ..." AGO
"Layla" singer Clapton ERIC
"___ of the Pink Panther" SON
Actress Faris ANNA
Baltimore blackbird ORIOLE
Bee contestant SPELLER
Breathes life into ANIMATES
Butler's home, for a time TARA
Campaign target VOTER
Casual wear SWEATS
Celebrated twin ENG
Chinese "way" TAO
Cinnabar, for one ORE
College studies, collectively HIGHEREDUCATION
Common conjunction AND
Confused condition MESS
Contract accepter SIGNEE
Cornhusker State hub OMAHA
Damascus native SYRIAN
Definitely no Einstein MORON
Direct (to) REFER
Discussion group PANEL
Dos Passos trilogy USA
Eisenhower's command, for short ETO
Em, to Dorothy AUNT
First digit a toddler is taught, often ONE
Flair ELAN
Grains used in distilling MALTS
Gushes SPEWS
Hauling around, as a large shopping bag TOTING
Informal talk CAUSERIE
It may bounce off the wall ECHO
Its logo features an eye CBS
Less loony SANER
Like some medicinal ingredients ACTIVE
Lionhearted BRAVE
Logan Airport abbr ETA
Madison or Pennsylvania AVENUE
Makes right AMENDS
Many dull speakers MONOTONES
Meet defeat LOSE
More than just suspicious of ONTO
Mortar rounds AMMO
Namath's Super Bowl III
Nightmarish street, in film ELM
Old PC monitor CRT
On the ___ (fleeing) LAM
Participates in the Tour de France PEDALS
Pebble Beach hazard TRAP
Police officer COP
Pouchlike part SAC
Priestess in Bizet's "The Pearl Fishers" LEILA
Pub option ALE
Regions AREAS
Require NEED
Solemn promise VOW
Some folk acts DUOS
Sows and boars SWINE
Sphere, to Shelley ORB
Stable staples OATS
Steam bath followers, sometimes RUBDOWNS
Stow, as cargo LADE
Therefore THUS
Thumbs-down votes NOS
Tries for a title VIES
Trying to impress people, in a way DROPPINGNAMES
Two-person conversation TETEATETE
Utterly terrible ABYSMAL
Venture DARE
Wager BET
Wooden legs PEGS
___-ski APRES
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