How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 28 2008

''Any Woman's Blues'' author Jong ERICA
''Beats me!'' IDUNNO
''Gulliver's Travels'' brute YAHOO
''I pity the fool'' speaker MRT
''Jurassic Park'' terror TREX
''Reply completed,'' to a ham operator OVER
87 octane REGULARGAS
Act of Contrition reciter ATONER
Apprehensive LEERY
Are in the past? WERE
Astronomical kind of flare SOLAR
Back biter? MOLAR
Barney's boss ANDY
Bit of financial planning, for short IRA
Blade for propulsion OAR
Bob's vehicles? SLEDS
Book with 114 chapters (Var.) KORAN
Bowlike line ARC
Boys Town is a suburb of it OMAHA
Cartel city of South America CALI
Chip's partner DALE
Cold-weather jacket ANORAK
Collins of Genesis PHIL
Daniel Webster's foe in a Benet tale DEVIL
Drags along LUGS
Fake it ACT
Fancy carpet color? RED
Firstborn sibling ELDEST
Fishes, in a way TROLLS
Flat-bottomed boat SCOW
France's longest river LOIRE
Getting 100 on ACING
Gold measures KARATS
Gray-brown TAUPE
Horse hue ROAN
Incite criminal activity ABET
Kirk's journey TREK
Laid up, so to speak ABED
Large, edible bulb LEEK
Lobster serving TAIL
Man in the street AVERAGEJOE
Narrow furrow STRIA
Notable Biblical landfall MTARARAT
Noted shootout site OKCORRAL
On deck NEXT
One of two certainties in life TAXES
Placed (with ''down'') LAID
Ran out of steam TIRED
Razor sharpener STROP
Request to a barkeep NEAT
Saint-Tropez, e.g. RESORT
Second Amendment concern ARMS
Seed covering TESTA
Serenader's sentiment LOVE
Shampoo label designation NORMALHAIR
Sheltered spot COVE
Shy of being shut AJAR
Singer Irene CARA
Sitcom legend Alan ALDA
Soon, to a poet ANON
Space cadets AIRHEADS
Stash some cash SAVE
Strong and sinewy WIRY
Swiftly, to Shakespeare APACE
Theme park company LEGO
There's no cure for it COMMONCOLD
They're delivered in shots SERA
Ultimate solution ENDALL
Use one's peepers LOOK
Veronica of ''Hill Street Blues'' HAMEL
Vertical graph component YAXIS
Very important KEY
Wand waver SORCERER
Was attractive? DREW
Water nymph NAIAD
What Santa's mail consists of LISTS
Where to find a collection of minks? COAT
Word heard in a herd MOO
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