How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 26 2017

"And more" = ETCETERA
"While" beginning, once ERST
"___ missing something here?" AMI
Aplomb POISE
Appetizer with peanut sauce SATAY
Attempted ESSAYED
Biblical garden EDEN
Bulgaria's capital SOFIA
Carve in glass, e.g ETCH
Church recess APSE
Cleopatra's love MARC
Common lotion ingredient ALOE
Corp. money managers CFOS
Country cooking fat LARD
Country song? ANTHEM
Dershowitz or Alda ALAN
Eli's school YALE
Emulate a hot dog PANT
English Channel city POOLE
Females in general SHES
Fender-bender result DENT
Fire residue ASHES
Folding beds COTS
Gel amounts DABS
Genetic letters DNA
Ghana's capital ACCRA
Honolulu hiya ALOHA
Horror-film feature GORINESS
It can help you stay on 33-Down WATCH
Jab with a finger POKE
Juvenile newts EFTS
Late Chinese leader MAO
Like some stickers SCRATCHANDSNIFF
Moisten while cooking BASTE
Mythical war god ARES
Neutral shade ECRU
Norwegian capital OSLO
Not hard SOFT
Not villainous HEROIC
Noted loch NESS
Offer up a challenge DARE
Old horse NAG
Old ruler of Russia TSAR
Out of practice RUSTY
Overdramatize EMOTE
Pennsylvania port city ERIE
Pitcher fit for a picture EWER
Pkg. delivery co UPS
Populous continent ASIA
Prefix with "bucks" MEGA
Puckish ELFIN
Pulverize MASH
Racer's concern TIME
Radar images BLIPS
Sailboat necessities MASTS
Shade for old photos SEPIA
Single-celled organism MONAD
Skim the cream off the top, e.g DEFAT
Something one with cabin fever longs for WHIFFOFFRESHAIR
Spock's prominent features EARS
Stadium ARENA
Surgery reminder SCAR
Swiss city BASEL
Tart, spicy qualities TANGS
Tool for a placekicker TEE
TV alien from Melmac ALF
Use a divining rod DOWSE
Verve ELAN
Was about to fall over TOTTERED
Winter hazard ICE
Wonderland event TEAPARTY
Wray of "King Kong" FAY
___ Diego SAN
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