How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 23 2014

"America the Beautiful" ender SEA
"Chop-chop" ASAP
"Gunsmoke" appeared on it CBS
"Heat of the Moment" band ASIA
"I do," for example VOW
"In a minute" SOON
"Rabbit ___" (Updike novel) REDUX
"Wailing" instrument, briefly SAX
"___ Did Our Love Go" (Supremes hit) WHERE
"___ the land of the free ..." OER
"___ you sure?" ARE
A bit of work ERG
A swelling in plants EDEMA
Active individual DOER
Anchor's position DESK
Astronomical distance of 3.26 light-years PARSEC
Austrian heights ALPS
Baby's word GOO
Botanical gardens (Var.) ARBORETA
Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff DREGS
Bristlelike parts SETAE
Certain Arabian SAUDI
Cheer at the Met BRAVO
Chocolate-yielding tree CACAO
Comedian's date GIG
Comment to the audience ASIDE
Common greeting HELLO
Company on the Web DOTCOM
Contents of some urns ASHES
Cookbook direction STIR
Cooling-off periods ICEAGES
Cow's chew CUD
Cy Young, e.g AWARD
Entry permit VISA
Famous physicist Niels BOHR
Focus on what's important CUTTOTHECHASE
Frequently shared thing MEME
Gave cough medicine to, e.g DOSED
Ghanaian money CEDI
Heavy, durable furniture wood TEAK
House or home DOMICILE
Iroquois League tribe ONEIDA
Ivy League member BROWN
Kind of room MUD
Latish lunchtime ONE
Like the Great Plains VAST
Like the Sabin vaccine ORAL
Monosyllabic, perhaps TERSE
More immune to sound DEAFER
Moving about ASTIR
Munched on ATE
Navigate, in a way TRIMONESSAILS
Nightingale, notably NURSE
One in a suit ACE
Part of an archipelago ISLE
Pizza slices, often OCTAD
Primer pup SPOT
Region opposite Hong Kong MACAO
Roll in school HONOR
Santa ___, California ROSA
Sashayed or strutted SWAGGERED
Second-string QB, often CLIPBOARDVIEWER
Sharp cheese CHEDDAR
Small machinery securer COTTERPIN
Small ornamental cases ETUIS
Spherical cheese EDAM
Spine-chilling EERIE
Tall bird EMU
Team leader COACH
Test answer, at times TRUE
Very uncommon RARE
Wee amount TAD
Whiskey type RYE
With cunning (Var.) SLILY
___ for (substantiate) VOUCH
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