How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 23 2011

"Norma ___" RAE
"Something Wicked This ___ Comes" WAY
"The Outcasts of Poker Flat" writer HARTE
1973 Supreme Court decision name WADE
A Cyclops has one EYE
Absorbed, as an expense ATE
Act the mother hen FUSS
Actress Tyne DALY
African hot spot SAHARA
Allowance for weight TARE
Analyzes, as a sentence PARSES
Apportionment word PER
Arsenal contents AMMO
Astonishment AWE
Camouflaged communication CODE
Campus quarters DORM
Chart anew REMAP
Citrus spread MARMALADE
City known for its Heat MIAMI
Common thing SENSE
Constellation with the star Regulus LEO
Delinquent LATE
Dish alternative CABLE
Dunderhead SCHMO
Ed of "Daniel Boone" AMES
Fabric with gold or silver threads LAME
Far from oblivious AWARE
Finsteraarhorn, for one ALP
First person in France? MOI
Garfield sidekick ODIE
Gossip mill's product RUMOR
Half of a matching set HERS
Haven off the highway MOTEL
Having more gains than losses AHEAD
Having wings ALATE
How haunted houses are lit DIMLY
Indications SIGNS
Inflatable floatables RAFTS
Large, and then some HUGE
Last word of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" ARE
Lincolnesque feature STATURE
Make untidy, as hair MUSS
Marble material AGATE
Mine passageways ADITS
Mother's Day gift, sometimes PERFUME
Mottled horse ROAN
Old West assemblage POSSE
One of Hook's gang SMEE
Opposite of flabby TONED
Partner MATE
Periphery EDGE
Pink-slip dispenser? FIRER
Place to learn some manners CHARMSCHOOL
Playwright Stoppard TOM
Praise lavishly TOUT
Quagmire MORASS
Scary film staple MONSTER
Shade of red BEET
Silas Marner's creator ELIOT
Small streams RUNLETS
Some of Sappho's poems ODES
Some soccer game observers MOMS
Splint alternative CAST
Stagger REEL
Stock answer? MOO
This puzzle's theme ARMS
Timmy's pooch LASSIE
Tour de France champ ARMSTRONG
Tread the boards broadly EMOTE
Twinkle-toed AGILE
Unfettered FREE
Unnecessary worries FALSEALARMS
Vanished, as victuals EATEN
What baby Moses was hidden among REEDS
What osmics is the study of ODORS
Wholeness TOTALITY
With tongue in cheek DRILY
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