How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 22 2017

"... just like the ___ I used to know" ONES
"Big Brother" host Julie CHEN
"Cancel the launch!" ABORT
"Git along" little critter DOGIE
"Move on, already!" LETITGO
"___ seriously folks, ..." BUT
Anatomical trunk TORSO
Animals on which to place bets PONIES
Atlantis is supposed to be under it OCEAN
Attachment to "young" or "mob" STERS
Basker on a beach SUNNER
Be behind in payments OWE
Boat propeller? POLER
Breaths you can hear GASPS
Bucks scattered throughout the forest DEER
Bullet or engine sounds PINGS
Button, zipper or snap FASTENER
Chicken ___ king ALA
Chile-to-Paraguay dir ENE
Chipped in ANTED
Copy machine additive TONER
Cordwood measure STERE
Corona, for one CIGAR
De Gaulle's birthplace LILLE
Discriminators against the elderly AGEISTS
Do the driving STEER
Fall wear SWEATER
Fancy eggs OVA
Garden tool SPADE
Goof ERR
Guy's partner GAL
Hat-check person's station COATROOM
Immobilized, as a gas INERT
Jetta or 300C, e.g CAR
Keller or Hunt HELEN
Legal eagle's org ABA
Legal infancy NONAGE
Like all zebras STRIPED
Like some columns IONIC
Loathe ABHOR
Ma'am's counterpart SIR
Maiden-name introducer NEE
Male animal on a farm RAM
Male offspring SON
Mo. known for rain APR
Mobile phone call transmitter TOWER
Money in Barcelona DINERO
More like an Exeter student PREPPIER
Muslim pilgrimage HAJ
Navigation instrument SEXTANT
Nonblood relative INLAW
One "slow" thing BOATTOCHINA
Paint using small dots and flicks STIPPLE
Pale purple shade LILAC
Popular suspect BUTLER
Prophet SEER
Remove a violin string, e.g UNPEG
Represent unfairly SKEW
Signed written agreement CONTRACT
Some ducks SMEWS
Some formal wear TUXEDOS
Sweet globular yellow fruit GUAVA
T'ai ___ CHI
The two of "Hello!" ELLS
They can be bitter PILLS
Transparent linen fabric TOILE
Tries, as food TASTES
Two words after "slow" LANERELEASE
Two words after "slow" COOKERDANCE
Two words after "slow" INTERNETJAM
Vinegar's partner OIL
Yoko of the avant-garde ONO
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