How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 22 2014

"Come in!" ENTER
"Didn't I tell you?" SEE
"Hey ... over here!" PSST
"Is it soup ___?" YET
"The Terminator" woman SARAH
"Uh-uh" NAY
"___ beaucoup" MERCI
Actor's lines meant for the audience ASIDE
Ample, as a doorway WIDE
Angora, merino, etc WOOLS
Apiece, in scores ALL
Arid DRY
Asian holiday TET
Barbell abbr LBS
Beats to the tape OUTRACES
Blackguard CAD
Boyfriend BEAU
Candy company Russell ____ STOVER
Chop (off) LOP
Class-conscious org.? NEA
Clickable image ICON
Common way to take medicine ORALLY
Computer accessory WEBCAM
Coniferous evergreen forest TAIGA
Costello or Gehrig LOU
Court attention-getter OYEZ
Crazed with passion GAGA
Cut and paste, e.g EDIT
Dada founder ARP
Daughter of Hera and Zeus HEBE
Decorative case ETUI
Demon's doings EVIL
Donned the feedbag ATE
Draft pick ALE
Drink in Boston Harbor? TEA
Fable finale MORAL
Followed closely, dog-style HEELED
Form a conception IDEATE
Gives the right-of-way YIELDS
Gymnast's feat FLIP
He brings the house down in Britain RASER
Hits with one's head BUTTS
It makes letters bigger CAPITALIZATION
It may be needed for a change DIAPER
It's twisted off SODABOTTLECAP
Keyboard user TYPIST
Litigator's org ABA
Menu phrase ALA
Missed the mark ERRED
More nimble SPRYER
Nature calls? ROARS
North or South state CAROLINA
Not yet final, in law NISI
Out of practice RUSTY
Palindromic Eastern title AGA
PC "brain" CPU
Pencil stump NUB
Pre-stereo recordings MONOS
Ram's ma'am EWE
Royal guards YEOMEN
Some Hindu people ORIYA
South African peninsula CAPEOFGOODHOPE
Star of a ball, briefly DEB
Stretches across SPANS
Texas shrine (with "the") ALAMO
The brightest star in Orion RIGEL
There are 10 million in a joule ERGS
Using a camcorder TAPING
Vending machine inserts ONES
Venerable OLD
West ___ (Jamaica's home) INDIES
Where a squirrel squirrels nuts away DREY
Wine valley NAPA
___ chi (martial art) TAI
___ over backward BEND
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