How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 21 2012

"I've ___ it up to here!" HAD
Action word VERB
Actress Bloom of "High Plains Drifter" VERNA
Actress who was married to Dudley Moore TUESDAYWELD
Annual auto maintenance, for some TUNEUP
Baby hooter OWLET
Bachelor of ___ ARTS
Berth place DOCK
Bitter ACERB
Board, as for a voyage EMBARK
Bunny tail SCUT
Candied tuber YAM
Capital of Thailand? BAHT
Clock-setting standard (Abbr.) GMT
Continuously, or this puzzle's theme DAYAFTERDAY
Coral reef ATOLL
Cups, saucers, creamer, etc TEASET
Doctrine ISM
Draw parallels between EQUATE
Escorted by WITH
Game in which the lowest card is a seven SKAT
Glitch or hitch SNAG
Golfer's props TEES
Gone by air FLOWN
Hall & Oates #1 hit MANEATER
Hiccup cause SPASM
High-altitude probe SONDE
Hostess product CUPCAKE
Hurricane center EYE
Impudent PERT
Indian cotton fabric MADRAS
Island nation east of Fiji TONGA
John or Julius POPE
Kind of bean or butter COCOA
Lady of Lyons MADAME
Like some confessions ORAL
Look over SCAN
Los Angeles attraction (with "the") GETTY
Lunch box dessert item OREO
Magma exposed LAVA
Major electronics co RCA
Mighty Joe Young, notably APE
Mongolian or Malayan ASIAN
Mother's helpers? NUNS
Mount of the Seven Sisters HOLYOKE
Opening chip, in poker ANTE
Overturn UPEND
Part of a wrecking crew? VANDAL
Patriotic uncle SAM
Philosophy of Lao-tzu TAO
Picked-on instruments, for short UKES
Poet Pound EZRA
Positions in a hierarchy RANKS
Princess's pea, e.g IRRITANT
Put on the books ENACT
QB Dawson LEN
Quite unfriendly ICY
Rap sheet entry PRIOR
React to pollen, perhaps SNEEZE
Risky investment STARTUP
Rook's spot on a chessboard AONE
Rouses from sleep AWAKES
Seek favor with WOO
Shakespearean king LEAR
Shining brightly AGLARE
Site of many London hangings TATE
Sounds of understanding OHS
Speaker's platform BEMA
Story writer Damon RUNYON
Time to see some football MONDAYNIGHT
Tom Canty, in a Mark Twain book PAUPER
Type of metabolism BASAL
Ultimate suffix EST
Utmost (Abbr.) ULT
Watery hue AQUA
Wheeled table TEACART
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