How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 20 2012

"Star Trek" phaser setting STUN
"Well, ___-di-dah!" LAH
19th letter ESS
Asian sash OBI
At a snail's pace SLOW
Before, in an old syllable ERE
Bit of whipped cream GLOB
Border (on) ABUT
Brief quarrel SPAT
Calls in a field CAWS
Cell substance letters RNA
Challenging riddle ENIGMA
Common title word THE
Controversial school subject PRAYER
Dash sizes EMS
Distinctive atmospheres AURAS
Egypt's ___ Canal SUEZ
Enjoys a snowy slope SLEDS
Ernie the Muppet's rubber toy DUCKIE
Essential points GISTS
Etheridge of music MELISSA
Fire or carpenter creature ANT
Four-legged Andean LLAMA
Freetown currency units LEONES
Gem with a play of colors OPAL
Gumshoe, for short TEC
Has a crush on ADORES
Haughty one SNOOT
Hindu royal RANI
Historical record ANNAL
Hollow part of a bird AIRSAC
House for a horse STABLE
Ill-bred sort CAD
In the future SOMEDAY
Indian nanny AYAH
It has a humerus side ULNA
Law on the books STATUTE
Law school course ETHICS
Liberty Bell flaw CRACK
Little toymaker ELF
Mafia boss CAPO
Mann or Kinski KLAUS
NCO, informally SARGE
New Zealand minority MAORIS
Pastor's home MANSE
Praises lavishly EXTOLS
Property claim for outstanding debt LIEN
Random selection ANY
Road trip necessity GAS
Searched for booty RIFLED
Sierra Nevada resort lake TAHOE
Sings like Ella SCATS
Sink-stopper PLUG
Sis' counterpart BRO
Start of an angler's lament (Part 1) IFTODAYWASAFISH
Start of an angler's lament (Part 2) THATWASCAUGHT
Start of an angler's lament (Part 3) IDTHROWITBACKIN
Super Bowl revenue generators ADS
The Three Tenors, e.g TRIO
They're often near swings SEESAWS
Trickle (through) SEEP
Tropical nut or palm BETEL
Trough for mortar HOD
Two-masted sailing vessels YAWLS
Utilize school LEARN
Voice agreement with ECHO
Vote down NIX
Way out in China? TAO
What makes a drink clink ICE
Word with an incorrect apostrophe, often ITS
___ chi (martial art form) TAI
___ Lanka SRI
___ Rio, Texas DEL
___ segno (musical direction) DAL
___ Torino (old Ford model) GRAN
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