How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 13 2006

''... one ___, under God ...'' NATION
''Are you calling ___ liar?'' MEA
''Don't bother'' NONEED
''Eso ___'' (Paul Anka hit) BESO
''Funny money,'' for one RHYME
''Hurry up, will you?'' LETSGO
''Malcolm in the Middle'' mom LOIS
''National Velvet'' author Bagnold ENID
''To the Lighthouse'' author WOOLF
''Well, ___ be'' ILL
''___ fan tutte'' COSI
1839 slave mutiny ship AMISTAD
30th or 31st, briefly EOM
50 Cent piece? RAP
A singing Guthrie ARLO
Abbr. in a company’s name INC
After-shower application TALC
Always, in a sonnet EER
Animal on Michigan's state flag ELK
Auditioner's aim PART
Be dependent (on) RELY
Bedding LINENS
Besides that ELSE
Bird that's swift on foot EMU
Blacken, as barbecue fare CHAR
Blackguard KNAVE
Cake with a hole in the middle BUNDT
California giant REDWOOD
Call forth INVOKE
Cambridge campus, briefly MIT
Capital once known as Christiania OSLO
Cereal ingredients OATS
Certain room measurements WIDTHS
Charge for a hand delivery? ANTE
Come up short LOSE
Conditional words ASIF
Cookie amount BATCH
Corn bread PONE
Diner offering, perhaps SLAW
Direct ending IVE
Dynamic start AERO
Early Mongolian TATAR
Easy gaits CANTERS
Entreat PLEAD
Eucharist offering WAFER
First canonical hour MATIN
First name among Oscar-winning directors MEL
Fix, as a seam RESEW
Formal agreement PACT
Friend of Androcles LION
Genderless possessive ITS
Gerund ender ING
Get off here STOP
Get stopped up CLOG
Grp. that sang ''Do Ya'' ELO
Hairdressers STYLISTS
Hammered at a slant TOED
Hard-___ (tough) NOSED
Herriman's ''Krazy'' critter KAT
High points of a South American trip? ANDES
Intrepid BOLD
It is often hampered? WASH
It's a warm welcome ALOHA
It's tapped for cash ATM
Jennies and such ASSES
Just makes do (with ''out'') EKES
Kind of mother DEN
Knock down a peg ABASE
Learning by memorization ROTE
Less stable SHAKIER
Like a game within reach WINNABLE
Likelier to win a baby contest CUTER
Lovelorn nymph ECHO
Many millennia (Var.) AEON
Match game? SLOTS
Mom and pop's place? STORE
Mottled horse ROAN
Movers and shakers DOERS
Mug for the cameras POSE
No-sweat job PIECEOFCAKE
Not a whit NIL
Not good with pitches TONEDEAF
Not so well done RARER
Novelist Ferber EDNA
Number for one ARIA
Of earlier vintage OLDER
Olympic measure METER
On the up-and-up LICIT
One way to dislodge some particles FLOSS
Optimist's words IHOPE
Ottomans, e.g. FOOTRESTS
Oxford university OLEMISS
Perfume compound ESTER
Piquant SALTY
Political slate TICKET
Pope of 1963-78 PAULVI
Porgy's beloved BESS
Post- antithesis PRE
Potential dilemma solver IDEA
Prerequisite NEED
Produce-scale deduction TARE
Promotes wrongdoing ABETS
Reps. foes DEMS
River known anciently as Obringa AARE
Run a cloth over DUST
Sammy Davis Jr. hit THECANDYMAN
Scratch and save SCRIMP
Shrine to remember ALAMO
Sign of a smash SRO
Slightly ASHADE
Small Australasian parrots LORIES
Snaky critter EEL
Snug corner NOOK
Software buyers USERS
Solstice mo. DEC
Some old Fords LTDS
Some shirts POLOS
Space-saving abbreviation ETC
Spacek of the screen SISSY
Speak bombastically ORATE
Supply with fresh staff REMAN
Take with a struggle WREST
Teachers' org. NEA
Thai monetary units BAHTS
They employ speakers, briefly PAS
They speak louder than words ACTIONS
Thread target EYE
Ticket price category ADULT
Title for Italian monks FRA
Trigonometric function SINE
Trucker's space CAB
Unit for measuring flow of light LUMEN
Unnatural EERIE
Unrealistic aspiration PIEINTHESKY
Unwinding locale SPA
Usher to, as a table SEATAT
Usual number of paces TEN
Very intelligent person SMARTCOOKIE
Wallach of ''Lord Jim'' ELI
West of Tinseltown MAE
What a cast may consist of THOUSANDS
What a fisherman may dream of? HOTLINES
What a quarterback may dream of? FREEPASS
What a smart swimmer may dream of? STROKEOFGENIUS
What a surfer may dream of? PERMANENTWAVES
Where ''quiet!'' may be heard ONTHESET
Where the Kwai once flowed? SIAM
Without dissension ASONE
Word with first or financial AID
___ a day's work ALLIN
___ one's time BIDES
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