How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 11 2016

"Cool" amount of cash MIL
"Dear" man SIR
"Much ___ About Nothing" ADO
"___ Ha'i" BALI
"___ Maria" AVE
"___ to worry" NOT
Actors, collectively CAST
Aim improver SCOPE
Alcoholic pint, often ALE
Allow LET
AM/FM device RADIO
Appropriate TAKE
Arabic pipe HOOKAH
Bauxite, e.g ORE
Be lousy in the clutch CHOKE
Be wild? (with "go") LETYOURSELF
Bean counter, for short CPA
Beaver's construction DAM
Bride's covering VEIL
Buzzing pest GNAT
Cabernet, for one RED
Calendar square DAY
Campaigner, for short POL
Casual criticism POTSHOT
Central New York city UTICA
Common deciduous tree OAK
D.C. subway METRO
Decorative hanging tapestry ARRAS
Digging pick MATTOCK
Do schoolwork? TEACH
Does a pitcher's job? HAWKS
Eye parts RETINAS
Fashions or formulates CREATES
Features of male lions MANES
Food crumb ORT
French morning MATIN
Get a load off one's chest VENT
Gets into shape? MOLDS
It wasn't built in a day ROME
It's a wrap SARAN
Just manage (with "out") EKE
Like a standard of perfection IDEAL
Like the Who in their prime MOD
Make thirsty PARCH
Male feline TOMCAT
Man who hit 755 homers AARON
Miles per hour, e.g RATE
More than implement ENFORCE
Nest locale AERIE
Not just "a" THE
Not perfectly round OVOID
Off the mark, as a throw ERRANT
Olympics light TORCH
Peruses a book READS
Place for a queen PALACE
Poem of tribute ODE
Result of a bobbled grounder ERROR
Run smoothly, as an engine HUM
Runs casually TROTS
Sean of Hollywood PENN
Since an onset? (with "go") FROMTHEWORD
Spoken ALOUD
Stretch of land TRACT
Sub sinker TORPEDO
Sway daringly with a partner? (with "go") DANCETHETAN
Take place OCCUR
Tennessee athlete, for short VOL
The "U" of ICU UNIT
Today, in Tijuana HOY
Try again? (with "go") HAVEANOTHER
Vintage RETRO
___ carotene BETA
___ up (excited) KEYED
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