How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 11 2013

"Bells ___ Ringing" ARE
"Double Fantasy" artist Yoko ONO
"Help!" SOS
"How ___ you?!" DARE
"If only things had turned out differently!" ALAS
"___ a hand?" (helpful query) NEED
"___ as the eye can see" ASFAR
"___ sin to tell a lie" ITSA
"___ supposes his toeses are roses" MOSES
Absolutely necessary INTEGRAL
Afternoon serving TEA
Agricultural tool HOE
Air circulation device FAN
Alphabetize SORT
Being three in one TRIUNE
Biology subject RNA
Burial markers STELAE
Buyer be where? STORE
Cain's mother EVE
Calls a jury IMPANELS
Carve with acid ETCH
Catch, as a dogie LASSO
Cathedral steeples SPIRES
Chardonnay alternative SOAVE
Checker's determination FACT
Cleaner's method, often FIRSTINFIRSTOUT
Collarless robe CAFTAN
Crude dwellings HUTS
Decimal units TENS
Desert formation SANDDUNE
Dessert wine PORT
Difficult responsibility ONUS
Donkey ASS
Draw out EDUCE
Earnest attempt EFFORT
Even-steven score TIE
Familiar with ONTO
From ___ west EASTTO
German wife FRAU
Happy response to a marriage proposal YES
Humane org. ASPCA
Journeyman sailor OLDSALT
Key on a keyboard RETURN
Lass GAL
Like a Turkish bath STEAMY
Majors and lieutenants FIELDOFFICERS
More conniving SLIER
Music for a film SCORE
Old photo tint SEPIA
One of the Bobbsey twins NAN
Partook of ATE
Permanent prisoner LIFER
Proves to be wiser OUTSMARTS
QB's throw, completed or not ATT
Rainwater pipe SPOUT
Real attachment? ISM
Regret bitterly RUE
Replies of refusal (var.) NOS
Sandler-Barrymore film FIFTYFIRSTDATES
Scores more than OUTPOINTS
Singer Sumac YMA
Sister in an Eastwood film SARA
Some conspiracy subjects UFOS
Take away (from) DETRACT
Tenth on the calendar, briefly OCT
Tool repository SHED
U.N. agency for workers' issues ILO
Use "colorful" words CUSS
When both hands are up? ATNOON
Wire diameter units MILS
With nothing missing ENTIRE
World finance org IMF
Year, in Latin ANNO
___ contendere (court plea) NOLO
___-ski APRES
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