How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 03 2014

"God ___ America" BLESS
"Macbeth" quintet ACTS
"Show Me" state MISSOURI
"Survivor" grouping TRIBE
1996 presidential candidate DOLE
American serfs PEONS
Ant, old-style EMMET
Arm bone ULNA
Ball of yarn CLEW
Baltic Sea country SWEDEN
Be deceptive LIE
Bearded herd GNUS
Broadway busts FLOPS
Bush-league AMATEURISH
Ca++ and Cl- IONS
Cake covering ICING
Came on like gangbusters STORMED
Capital of Ghana ACCRA
Cash, in Kyoto YEN
Clairvoyance, telepathy, etc ESP
Common adhesive PASTE
Cylindrical and tapered TERETE
De Rossi of "Arrested Development" PORTIA
December helper ELF
Delivery person? MOM
Depletes USESUP
Did the breaststroke SWAM
Ensure failure DOOM
Expressway TURNPIKE
Far from expert UNSKILLFUL
Florida city TAMPA
Flow outward EFFUSE
Four-baggers, briefly HRS
Gardener, in fall RAKER
Get off the road EXIT
Greek "T" TAU
Hard-shelled seed NUT
Hardly coordinated CLUMSY
Insect pest GNAT
It's beaten by hand TOMTOM
Lead-in for "Bravo" RIO
Light measurement LUX
Locate, as data on a computer ACCESS
Lump sum alternative ANNUITY
Make a web SPIN
Make Poppin' Fresh giggle POKE
Many a defender (Abbr.) ATT
Margarita complement SALT
Miscommunications MIXUPS
Negatively charged particle ANION
Nestling hawk EYAS
Not qualified INCOMPETENT
Old-fashioned refrigerant ICE
Outlying area EXURB
Painful shock TRAUMA
Path less traveled BYROAD
Place to roll the dice RENO
Preserve with 9-Down CURE
Reporter's coup SCOOP
Russian range or river URAL
Santa ___ ANA
Sermons originate from them PULPIT
Sherwood and Arden FORESTS
Ship's post for securing cables BITT
Slow running pace TROT
Small merganser SMEW
Small ornamental case ETUI
Some chilled desserts MOUSSES
Spice rack selection ANISE
Took a header TRIPPED
Unkempt SLOPPY
Veteran seafarers TARS
Vicksburg combatant REB
Violin parts PEGS
Word with "garage" or "bottle" OPENER
___ no good UPTO
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