How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 02 2009

"Ahoy" recipient MATEY
"Catwoman" actress Berry HALLE
"Don't take another step!" HALT
"Just ___" (Nike slogan) DOIT
"Le ___ d'Or" (Rimsky-Korsakov) COQ
"Lend ___" (Listen) ANEAR
"Store in ___, dry place" ACOOL
"The agony of da feet" CORNS
"The Lion King" sound ROAR
"What's your sine?" subj. TRIG
"___ we forget" (Kipling) LEST
A silent butler may hold it ASH
Aaron's calf, for one IDOL
Abbr. before a Spanish surname SRA
After-shower application, for some TALC
An orderly grouping ARRAY
Arizona city TUCSON
Articles on a rack COATS
Big fan ZEALOT
Bite in black and white OREO
Bring under control HARNESS
Candidate for rehab USER
Carmen of jazz fame MCRAE
Carpet meas. SQYDS
Carry by hand TOTE
Chests ARKS
Clark's high school squeeze LANA
Collar stiffener STAY
Collection of miscellaneous pieces OLIO
Commendatory composition ODE
Comment after being insulted IMHURT
Construction metal STEEL
Cubic meters STERES
Dada collagist Max ERNST
Deck components CARDS
Denzel Washington's 1989 Oscar film GLORY
Dinner crumb ORT
Diva's big number ARIA
Do some preening PRIMP
Don't change out of REWEAR
Dusting target CROP
Emulate a pitcher HURL
Exits a 747 DEPLANES
First stage ONSET
Hemoglobin deficiency ANEMIA
Hurdler Nehemiah RENALDO
Ice cream parlor choice PISTACHIO
Ice cream parlor choice NEAPOLITAN
Ice cream parlor choice ROCKYROAD
Ice cream parlor choice STRAWBERRY
In one ___ out the other EARAND
It rocks when the wind blows CRADLE
Makes a lot out of a building? RAZES
Mealtime prayer GRACE
Move ever-so-slightly STIR
Nanakuli neckwear LEI
Neighbor to Can. USA
Nineteenth Greek letter TAU
One kept in the cooler? CON
Ones at the feeding trough EATERS
Oscar winner Hackman GENE
Part of a knight's outfit TABARD
Picnic side PICKLE
Poem portion CANTO
Seasickness NAUSEA
Show optimism HOPE
Single occurrence INSTANCE
Suffix with "elect" IVE
Tenderfoot NOVICE
They're negatively charged ANIONS
Toastmasters, for short MCS
Whirling current EDDY
Word for some poker hands KIND
Word with "kitchen" or "medicine" CABINET
___ Aviv, Israel TEL
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