How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Nov 30 2018

"... happily ___ after" ever
"And Then There Were ___" none
"Beetle Bailey" character zero
"Cease!" on the water avast
"Later!" tata
"Scream" star Campbell neve
"This tape will self-destruct ..." org imf
"You're getting warmer," e.g hint
"___ Brockovich" erin
"___, right!" yeah
Air, poetically ether
At pique's peak? irate
Barbie's old beau ken
Basketball's Chamberlain wilt
Brat kin scamp
Breathing rattle rale
Butcher's device scale
Bygone Toyota tercel
Campus protest variety sitin
Carbon dioxide's lack odor
Certain classmates coeds
Certain web-footed creature otter
Christian clothier? dior
Clear a counter reset
Confused fight melee
Croat or Slovene, e.g slav
Deluxe, as a suite posh
Desert respites oases
Earth's shape sphere
Editorial command dele
Elliptical outlines ovals
Eric of "Monty Python" idle
Female Winter Palace residents tsarinas
French harbor town brest
Get a bead on espy
Glowing or polished, old-style ashine
GPS-equipped fleets, e.g trackedvehicles
It's between quarters 2 and 3 half
Jesse tearing up the track owens
Lab tube vial
Mexican gentleman senor
Milky gem opal
Moving roller van
Mucky land mire
Non-required course elective
Ogles leers
On top of things aware
Part of the foot sole
Payment on the first rent
Peke kin pom
Pinched AND poked? twicevictimized
Pollution type noise
Pour off, as wine decant
Pyramid, e.g tomb
Rural life poem (var.) idyl
Salk cured it polio
Scions heirs
Seed covering aril
Severe wickedness evil
Shrugger's feeling apathy
Singing, dancing, acting, etc talentvarieties
Snake-eyes count two
Some charged particles anions
State positively aver
Stinging rebuke? slap
Tater state idaho
The seventh of January? wye
Things in bireme banks oars
Tire pressure abbr psi
U-turn from verbose terse
Verbal putdown slam
Where the heart is, they say home
Wine province asti
Wrench type allen
Yakking bird myna
___ and well alive
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