How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Nov 27 2009

"A Bridge ___ Far" TOO
"Ahem!" PSST
"Author unknown" byline ANON
"Buenos ___!" DIAS
"Can I?" addressee MOM
"Do ___ Diddy Diddy" WAH
"Don't change!" to a printer STET
"Don't tase me, ___!" BRO
"Far ___ the Madding Crowd" FROM
"Fire and Rain" singer James TAYLOR
"Got other plans, sorry" CANT
"Live from New York, ___ Saturday Night!" ITS
"The Hustler" locale POOLROOM
"The Praise of Folly" author ERASMUS
"___ Wide Shut" (Kubrick's last film) EYES
112.5 degrees from S ENE
88 or Cutlass Supreme, briefly OLDS
A polar bear might be found on one FLOE
A prima donna has a large one EGO
Alligator's prey EGRET
Ancient assembly places AGORAE
Aquatic bird similar to a loon GREBE
Arachnid structure WEB
Basic units of money in Bulgaria LEVA
Bausch & Lomb product LENS
Big name in electronics RCA
Bouillabaisse ingredient, perhaps MUSSEL
Breakfast fruit HONEYDEW
Catch on the way home? TAG
Caterer's containers URNS
Certain geriatric receiving regular income OLDAGEPENSIONER
Certain painkillers ANODYNES
Chapter of history ERA
Chat and then some GAB
Cheek streak TEAR
Clanton gang leader IKE
Controls a car STEERS
Conveyance in "Back to the Future" SKATEBOARD
Cummerbund for a geisha OBI
Doggie-bag scrap ORT
Eagles of the sea ERNS
Handrail posts NEWELS
Hardly optimists CYNICS
Have a lofty goal ASPIRE
Have an evening meal SUP
Herons' haunts MARSHES
Horizontal spreadsheet units ROWS
Imaginary thing to tug on HEARTSTRING
Irritating RILING
Kind of cookie GINGERSNAP
Loses a lap? STANDS
Made a pig of oneself OVERATE
Mai ___ (cocktail) TAI
Muslim honorific AGA
On ___ basis ATRIAL
Opera selection ARIA
Option for linking PCs LAN
Paradise EDEN
Partner of turn TOSS
Raises, as a building ERECTS
Richer, as soil PEATIER
Sheltered from the elements INDOOR
Sneaker fasteners LACES
Subscribers' activity RENEWING
Swordfight souvenirs SCARS
Walt Disney World site ORLANDO
Women's clothing category PETITE
Wray of "King Kong" FAY
Write up, as for speeding CITE
Yard contents ALE
___ de Janeiro, Brazil RIO
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