How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Nov 19 2015

"Ciao, Caesar" AVE
"G'day" recipient MATE
"Now ___ seen everything" IVE
"Thanks ___!" ALOT
"The Bridge of ___ Luis Rey" SAN
"This tape will self-destruct ..." org IMF
"___ where prohibited" VOID
A ___ pittance MERE
Admonished by a judge, in a way RULEDOUTOFORDER
Aircraft-certifying org FAA
Analyze, as an alloy ASSAY
Assumption for the sake of argument LEMMA
Autumn dropping LEAF
Bad ink color for business RED
Before, for a bard ERE
Behavioral standards CODEOFCONDUCT
Big band venue DANCEHALL
Biochemist's letters RNA
Birch and palm TREES
Border upon ABUT
Canyon sound effect ECHO
Century plant AGAVE
Certain drum SNARE
Chicken ___ king ALA
Clear as mud VAGUE
Color of a camel TAN
Cookie that's loaded with vowels OREO
Do the wrong thing ERR
Ecological communities BIOMES
Egyptian cobra ASP
Electrifying fish EEL
Entrance granted ADMISSION
Fall guy PATSY
Feeling of great warmth ARDOR
Filled, as a ship's hold LADEN
Fine-tuned, as a razor HONED
First husband ADAM
Gin game RUMMY
Grain threshing tool FLAIL
Having divisions, as a window PANED
Highest male singing voice ALTO
Hindu misters BABUS
In the center of AMIDST
Indo-European, formerly ARYAN
It involves likelihoods LAWOFAVERAGES
Italian province or its capital ASTI
Java neighbor BALI
Latin eggs OVA
Locker room powder TALC
March 15 or April 13 IDES
Mohawk River city UTICA
More likely to cause a skid ICIER
Moth drawer FLAME
Musical mixture OLIO
Oahu woman WAHINE
One of the Bobbsey twins NAN
Oscar, for one AWARD
Portuguese pilgrimage site FATIMA
Prompted on stage CUED
Push, as one in a line SHOVE
Relative of a stork IBIS
Shady alcove ARBOR
Short-tempered TESTY
Small and round, as eyes BEADY
Somewhere between yellow and 61-Down ORANGISH
Storm forerunner CALM
Tender, as muscles SORE
They justify the means? ENDS
Trident part TINE
True-to-life REAL
Up on things AWARE
Use watercolors PAINT
V-neck garment VEST
Wagon wheel groove RUT
White-tailed bird of prey ERNE
Woman from the night before? EVE
Yuletide worker ELF
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