How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Nov 14 2016

"Airplane Flying Handbook" org FAA
"Dear old" guy DAD
"Do the Right Thing" pizzeria owner SAL
"Go on ..." AND
"You're it!" TAG
"___ you for real?" ARE
180 deg. from WSW ENE
Add aroma to CENSE
Aglet target EYELET
Airport choices GATES
Angle, in a way FLYFISH
Atlanta, to Delta Airlines HUB
Author Harper LEE
Battlefield formation ECHELON
Bawled CRIED
Block, as a bill VETO
Botanical seed OVULE
Bounds' partner LEAPS
Bring to the mix ADDIN
Buyer or purchaser VENDEE
Certain citrus fruit LEMON
Chinese calendar creature SNAKE
Concerning the kidneys RENAL
Correspond grammatically AGREE
Despite, in poetry THO
Early invader of Britain PICT
Eggs, to Nero OVA
Enclose firmly, as in concrete EMBED
Eric of "Monty Python" IDLE
Five-alarm food CHILI
For a special purpose, as a committee ADHOC
Frau's mate HERR
Gillis of old TV DOBIE
Give off or send forth EMIT
Got in the water WADED
Grind, as teeth GNASH
High school subject SCIENCE
Home of Hyderabad INDIA
Hop on a plane BOARD
Inspire with love ENAMOR
Lasting beginning? EVER
Laughed at with contempt GIBED
Less than stereo MONO
Like an anxious imp? BADANDREADY
Lured with a wooden duck? DECOYED
Man who asked "Who's on first?" LOU
Marilyn Monroe feature MOLE
Mortar bearer for a mason HOD
Natural hair dye HENNA
New, on a shelf UNUSED
Pay your dues at church TITHE
Place to spend the night INN
Positively state AVER
Put on DON
Rabble-rouser DEMAGOG
Retrieved, as baggage in an airport CLAIMED
Rotunda covers DOMES
Scottish head cover TAM
Shows Bossy who's boss? MILKS
Some custard tarts FLANS
Something to bust out West BRONC
Spa feature SAUNA
Spoke well of? GOODMOUTHED
Start for "bucks" MEGA
Statement that makes two one IDO
Threshing byproduct CHAFF
Tiny smidgen IOTA
U.K. network BBC
Umpire's call, sometimes OUT
Uncooked RAW
Use swear words CUSS
What leaving a salon creates? GOODHAIRDAY
What squirting someone with a hose is? BADCLEANFUN
Word repeated in "We're Off to See the Wizard" BECAUSE
World-finance org IMF
Wrongly victimized in print LIBELED
Yang counterpart YIN
Yet to be ignited UNLIT
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