How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Nov 13 2009

"... ___ a midnight dreary" UPON
"De-lish!" YUMMY
"Dukes of Hazzard" deputy ENOS
"Evil" attachment DOER
"How can I ___ repay you?" EVER
"Look before you ___" LEAP
"Morning" or "night" lead-in MID
"Star Trek" phaser setting STUN
"Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" boy ANI
"The Tempest" spirit ARIEL
112.5 degrees away from S ENE
A big spender may flash one WAD
A load off one's mine? ORE
Absolute (Abbr.) ULT
Added filing aids to TABBED
Afternoon activities, for some NAPS
Agra attire (Var.) SAREE
Answer incorrectly, e.g. ERR
Atari game named for an arthropod CENTIPEDE
Black Tuesday cry SELL
Bookstore passageway AISLE
Bulk paper purchase REAM
Butterfly stage PUPA
Cause of royal insomnia PEA
Chick watcher? HEN
Classical column style IONIC
Coming out ball miss, briefly DEB
Commendation CITATION
Conductor's pace TEMPO
Creepy crawler WORMLIZARD
Extinct New Zealand bird MOA
Former European coin DUCAT
Graceful seabird ERNE
Hairy creature TARANTULA
Hold in esteem ADMIRE
Hydrant feeders MAINS
Inane (Var.) DOPY
Iris area UVEA
It may be spun around a campfire TALE
Jack-in-the-pulpit, e.g. ARUM
Like a baseball's path ARCED
Like writing leaning to the right ITALIC
Little job for a body shop DING
Long-legged crustacean SPIDERCRAB
Make use of the library, in a way READ
Mother of pearl NACRE
New York's time zone EASTERN
Nickname for a rug wearer BALDY
Not yet expired VALID
On ___ (without a buyer) SPEC
Opposite of allow DENY
Ottoman big shot AGA
Pal of George and Jerry ELAINE
Possessed, in the Bible HADST
Radial filler AIR
Sang like Crosby CROONED
Shower scourge MILDEW
Sovereign's staff SCEPTER
Sudden hankering URGE
Superior in lubricity OILIER
Tommy with a Tony TUNE
Train track piece TIE
Try to get elected RUN
Twisted humor IRONY
Unlikely haystack find NEEDLE
Very long cold snap ICEAGE
Visitor from far, far away ALIEN
Washington successor ADAMS
What the Venus de Milo is missing ARMS
White-plumed wading bird EGRET
Wind-direction devices VANES
With mean intent NASTILY
Word with "even" or "heat" DEAD
Wrathful emotion IRE
Youthful and naive DEWYEYED
Zig's partner ZAG
___ one's time (wait for an opportunity) BIDE
___ phone (application field) DAYTIME
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