How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Nov 10 2018

"Don't go!" kin stay
"Oh, poor me" alas
"Yo, over here" psst
"___ Mia!" mamma
ABC regulator fcc
Any unique person rarebird
Attorney's nameplate abbr esq
Be way too inquisitive pry
Big name in laptops acer
Blue Bonnet, for one oleo
Bunsen burner etna
Celtic speaker gael
Chalcedony variety onyx
Cheerleader's attention-getter yell
Chop-chop, poetically apace
Coffee with milk latte
Comparatively chilly icier
Critter in the dust mite
Detects visually sees
Dish in one pot stew
Drink with steak redwine
Emulates a kitten mews
Excuse that may raise suspicion ihavetoworklate
Females in cotes ewes
Got up arose
Greek sandwich gyro
Health class segment, cut sexed
Hodgepodge creations patchworkquilts
Huge wrestler sumo
Is a finger painter daubs
Jazzy Jackson milt
Kelp bit alga
King James suffix eth
Landscaper's tool rake
Light-brown color ecru
Lots and lots many
Lough ___ (Irish lake) erne
Manor-ly gentleman lord
Mason's tool trowel
Mexican snacks tacos
Name on some jeans levi
National anthem author key
Native Missourians osages
Native of any place indigene
Netted puck goal
Occupied, as a chair satin
Old-fashioned one prude
Pastry of India samosa
Person full of gossip yenta
Place near Kauai oahu
Poor passable marks dees
Powerful horse arab
Put into categories assort
Puts away stows
Ran easily loped
Rat-sighting scream eek
Ready for marriage nubile
Scandinavian rug rya
Short news piece item
Small vipers asps
Smile grin
Some dangerous drugs opiates
Sound in a gym echo
Sound of censoring bleep
Staple of a connected office networkcomputer
Stuff stranded in genes? rna
Sunday donation tithe
Thing you can change often mind
Tidal bore eagre
Type of boot or pole ski
Type of shooting skeet
U-turn from casual dressy
Wannabe salamanders efts
Way less terse wordier
Word with "Air" or "Ami" bel
Word with "firma" terra
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