How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Nov 04 2001

"... and step ___!" ONIT
"90210" actress Spelling TORI
"Diff'rent Strokes" actress Plato DANA
"Great Caesar's ghost!" EGADS
"Now ___ this!" HEAR
"Our Gang" gal DARLA
"Rosemary's Baby" author Levin IRA
"Steer" anagram ESTER
"The ___ mightier than the sword" PENIS
"There ought to be ___!" ALAW
"What ___can I say? ELSE
''--- by any other name'' AROSE
''Cooped up'' ones HENS
'60s counterculture hallucinogen LSD
A bib catches this DROOL
A pound has 100 PENCE
Alliance of nations BLOC
Almond or eggshell ECRU
Amor's Greek counterpart EROS
Apple's apple, e.g. LOGO
Aquatic shockers EELS
Aromatic salves BALMS
Assertiveness INSISTENCE
Astounds AWES
Baby newts EFTS
Barreled TORE
Basie's ''--- Doll'' SATIN
Big rig SEMI
Bird associated with the Nile River IBIS
Blackmore title character LORNADOONE
Blessed event? SNEEZE
Blow off steam VENT
Blue jack COHO
Body of a boat HULL
Bothers IRKS
Box with a partner SPAR
Box-spring partner BEDSTEAD
Brother's boy NEPHEW
Buddhist sect ZEN
Cafeteria worker's headwear SNOOD
Canonized figure SAINT
Cause of some head-scratching LICE
Chemical compound ENOL
Chicken of the Sea, e.g. TUNA
Chops into cubes DICES
Chowed down ATE
Christmas drinks NOGS
Clay clump, e.g. CLOD
Cob or pen SWAN
Collective letter salutation SIRS
Com front-runner DOT
Complete again REDO
Complete groups SETS
Compound used as fertilizer UREA
Conclude END
Concurs AGREES
Confirmation PROOF
Contrary one MARY
Court event TRIAL
Court offense FOUL
Cutting sound SNIP
Diminutive ending ETTE
Emanation from an angel AURA
Emulated Gabriel BLEW
FedEx Field and Camden Yards STADIA
Feed for hogs SLOP
First computer ENIAC
First name in slapstick STAN
Fly in the ointment, e.g. SNAG
Following the crowd LAST
Footnote abbr. IBID
French philosopher Georges SOREL
From Beirut LEBANESE
Fuses ore SMELTS
Gals of guys with gats MOLLS
George who was a woman ELIOT
Get the graphite out ERASE
Gives in to gravity SAGS
Grandson of Adam ENOS
Grazing place PASTURE
Gullible ones SAPS
Hallway signs EXIT
Handing out pink slips AXING
Hardly friendly ALOOF
Having a sophisticated charm DEBONAIR
Hit song by ABBA SOS
Holes in the head? SINUSES
Holler partner HOOT
Horseshoe-shaped lab item UTUBE
Hose mishap SNAG
In a superior position to ATOP
Indexers generally ignore it THE
Indian, for one OCEAN
Inflexibility RIGOR
Inlet in Scotland LOCH
Lab dish PETRI
Light bulb for Wile E. Coyote? IDEA
Lilly of pharmaceuticals ELI
Linen or coffee preceder IRISH
Lofty lair NEST
Marsh plant SEDGE
Measure of length FOOT
Methuselah's grandson NOAH
Miniscule amount TRACE
Navigator's concern COURSE
Near, poetically NIGH
Needing straightening BENT
Old horse NAG
Old Vatican City monetary unit LIRA
One for the road CAR
Pepa's partner SALT
Peppermint Patty, to Marcie SIR
Pieces in the parlor SOFAS
Popular seek-and-find series WHERESWALDO
Possible ''running with the bulls'' result GORE
Pub offering ALE
Relief AID
Sal's canal ERIE
Sci-fi series featuring Will Robinson LOSTINSPACE
Serves well ACES
Shade tree ELM
Shrek is one OGRE
Side by side AREA
Silly Putty holder EGG
Sioux City site IOWA
Size for 51-Across PINT
Sniggler's catch EEL
Sound from a sleep lab SNORE
Suffix with "million" AIRE
Takes a loss on, in slang EATS
That guy HIM
The brainy bunch MENSA
They might be pitched on a field TENTS
They were cast for the clothes of Jesus LOTS
Top notch AONE
Tractor name DEERE
Traveling company TROUPE
Update, as a license RENEW
Vessel tapered at both ends CANOE
Walk into a river WADE
Was aware of KNEW
Water cooler ICE
Watercraft CANOE
Weight lifter's pride, slangily BOD
What a senator must take OATH
Where to find a word before ''Supper'' SEVENTEENACROSS
Where to find an ''F'' CENTEROFTHEGRID
Where to find the ''Romance of Exmoor'' heroine THIRTYTHREEDOWN
Without the defendant present INABSENTIA
Word before "Go!" SET
You can spend it in Romania LEU
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