How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Nov 03 2007

''... here on Gilligan's ___'' ISLE
''... like ___ of bricks!'' ATON
''A clue!'' AHA
''Ain't ___ Sweet'' SHE
''Don't bother explaining'' SPAREME
''Duke of Earl,'' stylistically DOOWOP
''For Your Eyes ___'' ONLY
''Fresh!'' follow-up SLAP
''Polloi'' preceder HOI
''Shade'' starter LAMP
''Shakespeare in Love'' weapons EPEES
''___ la vista, baby!'' HASTA
A bit more than two pct. of a cup TSP
A Ho Chi Minh Trail locale LAOS
Adamant ant? PEST
Address for Isaac Newton SIR
Aficionado FAN
All dried up SERE
Alpine river AARE
Alternative to Twinkies HOHOS
Ambassador's office EMBASSY
American pit viper COPPERHEAD
Animated owner of a 40-Across MOE
Anti-attacker spray MACE
Apportion, with ''out'' METE
Arab ship DHOW
Assured vigor ELAN
Blown-up area INSET
Bourbon Street veggie OKRA
Budget Rent ___ ACAR
Bun net SNOOD
Burns of documentaries KEN
Cheers, e.g. BAR
Chicken chaser KIEV
Close NEAR
Cod or Fear CAPE
College endower, often ALUM
Countess' spouse EARL
Depend RELY
Devout PIOUS
Diamond Head's home OAHU
Elemental choo-choo? IRONHORSE
Elemental duplicate? CARBONCOPY
Elemental luminosity? NEONLIGHT
Elemental serpent? COPPERHEAD
Emulated LL Cool J RAPPED
Faithful follower? NESS
Favorably prejudice PREPOSSESS
Filet mignon, when served with lobster TURF
Food and shelter, e.g. NEEDS
Foot soldier's food RATIONS
Friable soils MARLS
Frozen desserts SORBETS
Fruit tree PEAR
Fuse unit AMP
Game essentials RULES
Get at IMPLY
Group of seals POD
Have second thoughts WAVER
Heidi Klum's husband SEAL
Heretofore ASYET
Hindu wrapper? SARI
Holders of many frames REELS
Houdini specialty ESCAPE
Hounds hunt holler HALLOO
Indian princess RANI
Insect-repelling compound CAMPHOR
Invasion date DDAY
Invisible appetizer AROMA
Irish tongue ERSE
Is swaybacked SAGS
Island of immigrants ELLIS
It may be colossal EGO
Land at a river's mouth DELTA
Lew of Dr. Kildare films AYRES
Like a powerful speech ORATORICAL
Limit CAP
Little fiend IMP
Lock with no key? TRESS
Long-tailed parrot MACAW
Lovey-dovey sound COO
Lure into committing a crime ENTRAP
Luther was one HERETIC
Marksman's must AIM
Methods WAYS
Mmes. of Mexico City SRAS
More complex DEEPER
More wan PALER
Most passe STALEST
Muddled situation SNAFU
Odd, spelled oddly EERY
One may be terrible ENFANT
One of the eight vegetables in V8 SPINACH
One way to remove marginalia ERASE
Part of a crater RIM
Parting word ADIOS
Peruse SCAN
Petty officers, at sea YEOMEN
Place for a plug EAR
Poem of praise ODE
Prior, to Poe ERE
Quenches SLAKES
Ready to be hit, as a golf ball TEED
Regard with extreme aversion ABHOR
Reserved SHY
Rim coating, sometimes SALT
Scatter, as a crowd DISPERSE
School town in Massachusetts ANDOVER
Schwarzenegger film ERASER
Shipmate of ship mates? NOAH
Showed disapproval BOOED
Sign of the zodiac GEMINI
Small, moist amount DAB
Snooze NAP
Soldier's knapsacks KITBAGS
Some are horned OWLS
Some campaign expenses SIGNS
Song sung solo ARIA
Stenographer's need PAD
Sturgeon yield ROE
Sudden death can end it TIE
Surrender, as land CEDE
Surround sound's inferior STEREO
Takes out often SEES
The jitters NERVES
They grow when fertilized OVA
They make history ERAS
They may provide senior moments PROMS
This makes ink pink PEE
Times to call, in some classifieds AMS
Tourist-drawing loch NESS
Toy dog, briefly PEKE
Type of chart PIE
Type of moth GYPSY
Type of ray MANTA
U.S. military decoration SILVERSTAR
Unicorn feature HORN
University in Atlanta EMORY
Use, as china EATON
Used one's scull OARED
Waterloo setting IOWA
Wedding dress feature TRAIN
Wedge-shaped bones SACRA
What chit-chat may break ICE
What the devil wears? PRADA
Word with ''metric'' or ''honor'' SYSTEM
Word with ''press'' or ''Peace'' CORPS
Words with ''standstill'' or ''distance'' ATA
World-weary sound SIGH
Wrath IRE
You may leave them with cuts DELIS
___ de Triomphe ARC
___ voce (softly) SOTTO
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