How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 30 2007

''... yadda, yadda, yadda'' ETC
''My Cherie ___'' (Stevie Wonder song) AMOUR
''The NeverEnding Story'' author Michael ENDE
''The Simpsons'' mouse ITCHY
''___ Anything'' (''Oliver!'' song) IDDO
''___ live and breathe!'' ASI
2002, in old Rome MMII
66 and I-95 RTES
Alcohol variety ETHYL
Allen wrench shape ELL
Amazon, for one ANT
Bakery offering TORTE
Black gold OIL
Bread spreads OLEOS
Brings under control TAMES
Ceylon and green, e.g. TEAS
Characteristics of fixated people ONETRACKMINDS
CIA predecessor OSS
Classic Japanese drama NOH
Common deciduous tree OAK
Common Market initials EEC
Convict unfairly RAILROAD
Cows and sows SHES
Deck post BITT
Deliberately not notice IGNORE
Downright UTTERLY
Editor's override STET
Fast food or deli request, sometimes NOCHEESE
Fire proof? ASH
Greek letters MUS
Hackneyed TRITE
Has a hunch SENSES
Hectored RODE
Increase by 200 percent TREBLE
Increased significantly, as the economy BOOMED
It goes through withdrawals ATM
Jeanne d'Arc's short title STE
Like many bagpipes SCOTTISH
Mean-tempered fellow OGRE
Memorable time ERA
Moore poem starter TWAS
Need to pay the piper OWE
Nibble for a nag OAT
No great shakes SOSO
Odd couple or dead ends? DEES
On dry land ASHORE
Opal mos. OCTS
Panasonic competitor RCA
Pares pounds SLIMS
Party site, sometimes TAILGATE
Persia, now IRAN
Pesky insect GNAT
Pitfalls SNARES
Place to be pampered SPA
Prefix meaning ''one-billionth'' NANO
Qualified fellow's boast IMYOURMAN
Renaissance instruments VIOLS
Schubert's ''The ___-King'' ERL
Second-most-populous country INDIA
Some arbitration decisions AWARDS
Some like them hot TUBS
Sounds from a snake pit? SSSS
Stylist's creations COIFS
Theater prizes TONYS
Third sequel of a Gregory Peck classic OMENIV
Type of mats or surfaces NONSLIP
Type of NCAA basketball WOMENS
Uncooperative votes NOS
Unemploy, in a way LAYOFF
Unruly situations MOBSCENES
Uplift spiritually EDIFY
View from the deck, perhaps SEA
Well-preserved king TUT
Word that stops some trucks? EATS
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