How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 28 2017

"And so on" ETC
"Beetle Bailey" order-barker SARGE
"Immediately!" letters ASAP
"Lift every ___ and sing ..." VOICE
"What do you mean?" HUH
"Where the Wild Things ___" ARE
Arafat's gp., once PLO
Arm of Israel? UZI
Break at the Indy 500 PITSTOP
Bridal accessory VEIL
Choose OPT
City in Tennessee CHATTANOOGA
Civil War gp CSA
Command to a guest SIT
Continuing for infinity ETERNAL
Cow calls MOOS
Dugout boats CANOES
Elicit or make appear EVOKE
Famed scientist Marie CURIE
Fit to be tried? USABLE
Gesture fit for a queen? CURTSEY
Ham it up EMOTE
Hamilton's opponent BURR
Hereditary material GENES
Huge in scale EPIC
Improve, as a blade edge HONE
Instrument played with a bow VIOLA
Korean capital SEOUL
Large bracelet BANGLE
Last words of an engagement IDO
Levin or Gershwin IRA
Like Easter eggs and Christmas cards SEASONAL
Like hot fudge or S'mores GOOEY
Lummox OAF
Lustrous, smooth and glossy SATINY
Man-shaped mug TOBY
Med. ticker tape EKG
Midshipman's counterpart CADET
MixГ%82В up or confuse ADDLE
Monopoly card CHANCE
Natural whole number INTEGER
Naval fleet ARMADA
Obtained GOTTEN
One dumbbell curl REP
Painter's canvas holder EASEL
Pass on the hill ENACT
Permit LET
Pig's place STY
Plateau slope SCARP
Poker items CHIPS
Pretentious, as a display ARTSY
Saintly sister NUN
Scatters about STREWS
Scrabble and Sorry! for two GAMES
Scrap of cloth RAG
Shindig GALA
Slowly disappear EVANESCE
Small sofa SETTEE
Sonnet divisions SESTETS
Sounds of teeth in the cold CHATTERINGS
Spreadsheet material DATA
Stupefy or wow AMAZE
Take ___ of silence AVOW
Testy garden flowers with faces like fire-breathers SNAPDRAGONS
Three hundred, in Roman numerals CCC
Train station DEPOT
Used, as a kitchen table ATEON
Witch in "The Odyssey" CIRCE
Words after "Ready!" SETGO
Words of rejection NOS
Worrywart's phrase DEARME
___ and crafts ARTS
___ pie (sweetheart) CUTIE
___-European INDO
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