How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 23 2005

Action film weapon UZI
Addition to the staff? NOTE
Approximately ORSO
Bangkok native THAI
Beefsteak or cherry TOMATO
Bird warble TRILL
Book with legends ATLAS
Breaks the news TELLS
Carrie portrayer SISSY
Castilian kinsman TIO
Chesapeake, e.g. BAY
Chicken ___ KIEV
Circular and crosscut SAWS
City on the Trinity DALLAS
Come to grips with FACE
Comme ci, comme ca SOSO
Cur curber LEASH
Developer's purchase SITE
Esprit ELAN
Exclamation of disgust UGH
Exordium, informally INTRO
Fairy tale veggie PEA
Fancies LIKES
Functions perfectly WORKSLIKEACHARM
Gator's cousin CROC
Geographical datum AREA
Gregorian divisions MONTHS
Hardly The Fonz NERD
Hasty drawing SKETCH
Healing potion ELIXIR
It was divided in 1889 DAKOTA
Italian noble family ESTE
Kind of stew IRISH
Kovacs and Pyle ERNIES
Lacking a mate ODD
Large number SCAD
Layer with a hole OZONE
Little League equipment MITTS
Lover's keepsake, perhaps TRESS
Makarova's garment TUTU
Margin mark, perhaps STET
Mischievous pranks DIDOS
Motor along SCOOT
Name mentioned in Genesis SETH
Need medical attention AIL
Newt EFT
Opera genre? SOAP
Org. asking ''Where's the beef?'' USDA
Peak in the Cascades SHASTA
Perplexed, metaphorically ASEA
Pertaining to aircraft AERO
Pie man? ESKIMO
Poe story setting PIT
Possessive word THEIR
Prefix with carp or biology EXO
Put into effect, as a proposal ADOPT
Raise sharply HIKE
Raucous cries HOOTS
Reality unit DOSE
Sammy Kaye's ''___ Tomorrow'' UNTIL
Semicircular moldings at column bases TORI
Settled onto a branch ALIT
Sign of age RUST
Some holes in the ground DENS
Start of a famous Schwarzenegger quote HASTA
Tahoe device TBAR
Throw down the gauntlet DARE
Waste one's breath LABORTHEOBVIOUS
Where one's proboscis may be TOTHEGRINDSTONE
While preceder ERST
Word before play CHILDS
Word with barrier or boom SONIC
Word with division LONG
World Cup objective GOAL
___ Maria liqueur TIA
___ mater ALMA
___ nous ENTRE
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