How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 22 2019

"Como ___ usted?" esta
"Trust the ___" process
"Understand?" capisce
"Understood" isee
"Us" director Jordan peele
*"Picnic" playwright William inge
*Bone above the ankle shin
*Daytona 500 sport nascar
*German white wine riesling
*Gigantic waves tsunamis
*Give 10% tithe
*Grammy winner Badu erykah
*Old NASA landing crafts lems
*Seated yoga pose lotus
*Tableland (look for a novel in each starred row!) mesa
Altoids receptacle tin
Apple on a desk imac
Arizona State University locale tempe
Artworks with many tiles mosaics
At the apex of atop
Bath additives salts
Bickering atit
Bottom of a loafer sole
Brand of wafers nilla
Bridge-crossing payment toll
Broken bone treatment cast
Build up amass
Burlesque show wrap boa
Cheaper less
Chocolate chip, e.g morsel
Dentist's tool drill
Dot in the ocean isle
Editor's override stet
Fractions equal to about 11% ninths
Goolagong of tennis fame evonne
Grind together gnash
Less far off closer
Letter in the Bible epistle
Like a clue that refers to itself meta
Loses stamina tires
Machine teeth cogs
Makes laugh, say amuses
McGregor of "Fargo" ewan
Midway alternative ohare
Mindless adherents, figuratively sheep
Mosque VIP imam
Much-revered figures idols
Muscat resident omani
Nostalgic radio format oldies
One of the five W's who
Ones involved in the offing? mafiosi
Ones off base, for short awols
Paperless option for travelers eticket
Pass, in poker nobet
Phisher's message email
Pointless to debate moot
Radical '70s grp sla
Rahm of politics emanuel
Severely injure maim
Shop proprietor owner
Skater Sonja henie
Small annoyance? imp
Spiced latte variety chai
Spirited dynamic
Square root of 49 seven
Squeezes (out) ekes
Starting from asof
The Gaels of the NCAA iona
Total mess snafu
TV channel that's also a theater chain amc
Types ilks
Utah ski destination alta
Void's partner null
Wide shoe spec eee
Words of comfort itsok
___ and for all once
___ on the Shelf (piece of Christmas kitsch) elf
___ torch (luau light) tiki
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