How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 21 2008

''Phooey!'' DRAT
50 pennies, conveniently ROLL
Add to, as the Constitution AMEND
Archer without a quiver? ANNE
Atlas datum AREA
Avalon, for one ISLE
Bikini part STRAP
Biz bigwigs EXECS
Bring in EARN
Buena ___ (Mexican-American battle site) VISTA
Candid OPEN
Cornfield measure ACRE
Cotton stuffing BATT
E-mail predecessor TELEX
Enjoyed Spago DINED
Exhale like a whale BLOW
Facts and figures DATA
Fast time? LENT
Featherbrain DODO
Feature of an office building, perhaps ATRIUM
Finals EXAMS
Fire, so to speak AXE
Guesstimate word ABOUT
Hackberry relative ELM
High point at the Met ARIA
History Muse CLIO
Humpbacked helper IGOR
Implied MEANT
It equaled 100 kurus LIRA
It may make the cut BLADE
It's a stunner TASER
Jazz club habitue CAT
Jungle fever AGUE
Kimono cousin ROBE
Like some numbers SUNG
Like watery coffee WEAK
Material covering many behinds DENIM
Middle manager's focus? ABS
Minoan's island CRETE
Mixologist on ''The Love Boat'' ISAAC
More than want NEED
Move out of VACATE
No longer thinking about OVER
Northbound, on maps UPWARD
Not on Memorex LIVE
Oktoberfest band horn TUBA
One coulomb per sec AMP
Org. that advocates adoption ASPCA
Outdated OLDHAT
Overdo the TLC DOTE
Pizza-crust type THIN
Play piece ACT
Plumbing problem DRIP
Polishes your pumps SHINESONESSHOES
Prey for a hognose snake TOAD
Quire member? SHEET
Really wrong, so to speak ALLWET
Resistance units OHMS
Revered image ICON
Rues the aerobics ACHES
Shows one's self-contentment, in a way BEAMSWITHPRIDE
Sound of thunder or laughter PEAL
Spring features COILS
Sylvester Stallone movie COBRA
Symbol of slowness SNAIL
Thermometer site OVEN
Trumpet muffler MUTE
TV screen grid RASTER
Union general at Shiloh BUELL
Unoriginal reply ECHO
Vile anagram that's just as bad EVIL
Went to waste SAT
What's taken in DIET
Word in a song performed at midnight AULD
Zebra's mate, rarely ASS
Zero-wheeled vehicles SLEDS
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