How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 19 2009

"... disappeared off the ___ of the earth!" FACE
"A Beautiful Mind" director Howard RON
"All done!" THERE
"Frasier" dog EDDIE
"Inside Man" director Spike LEE
"Once ___ time ..." UPONA
"Parting is ___ sweet sorrow ..." SUCH
"Space" or "nautical" prefix AERO
"That was what I meant after all" command REDO
"___ Gynt" PEER
"___ say!" (parental edict) DOASI
"___ Tu" (1974 hit) ERES
180 degree turn, slangily UIE
1998 Oldsmobile debut ALERO
A woofer is part of one STEREO
Adjustment tool KNOB
All politics, to Will Rogers APPLESAUCE
Architectural underside SOFFIT
Aromatic necklace LEI
Auto import from Europe OPEL
Baker's device SIEVE
Bard's twilight EEN
Be tangent to ABUT
Beholden one OWER
Blender button PUREE
Bulls' fans don't want to hear these? OLES
Catch a Greyhound RIDE
Catwoman portrayer Eartha KITT
Cheese color? BLEU
Closet skeletons PASTS
Clove hitch, e.g. KNOT
Contribute, as to the conversation ADD
Convinced of SOLDON
Cuban dance RUMBA
Deep gap CHASM
Describe concisely SUMUP
Dracula portrayer Lugosi BELA
Driving range device? ODOMETER
Edit heavy-handedly REWORK
Elec., water or gas UTIL
Ending where neither side wins DRAW
Evasive language DOUBLETALK
Exhibit an inclination TEND
Feast with matzo SEDER
Feb.'s four WKS
Gift tag word FROM
Give up, as territory CEDE
Heavy wts. TNS
Helps AIDS
Horn of Africa people SOMALI
Iron-containing blood pigments HEMES
Japanese immigrant to the U.S. ISSEI
Living quarters ABODE
Looks embarrassed ISRED
Made out FARED
Make balanced EVENOFF
Mane locale NAPE
Many ad lights NEONS
Meaningless talk FLAPDOODLE
Not fine-grained COARSE
Pirate's domain OPENSEAS
Postponed TABLED
Remove, as Odysseus from the mast UNLASH
They may get high in Vegas STAKES
Time-teller's contraction OCLOCK
Tree with berrylike fruit ARBUTUS
Type of test LITMUS
Valley with vineyards NAPA
Wall St. maven ARB
Words with "a doornail" DEADAS
WWII ship sinker UBOAT
Yoko of music ONO
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