How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 18 2019

"Foreign Affairs" writer Alison lurie
"Put on a happy face!" buckup
"This frustrates me!" grr
"___ the season ..." tis
"___ to Joy" ode
'60s conflict site nam
(Facepalm) imanidiot
Acquired got
Actress Merrill dina
Adele's "Rolling in the ___" deep
American Girl company mattel
Attire for Malcolm X zootsuit
Banzai, Shenzi or Ed, in "The Lion King" hyena
Bar scene? gym
Batter's stat rbi
Be a snitch namenames
Boy saved by Scrooge tinytim
Bridge no-no tabletalk
Brit's "Adios!" tata
Cacao tidbit nib
Calculus pioneer Newton isaac
Chicken ___ pox
Chinese dynasty known for its vases ming
Christmas tree choice fir
Coif style updo
Conde ___ nast
Continent within Australia? asia
Diner staples omelets
Disappointing firework words itsadud
Ewe's boo ram
Express a view opine
Famous ___ cookies amos
Fancy party gala
Fig Newton relative datebar
First-grader's retort areso
Florida senator Marco rubio
Homecoming guest, briefly alum
Homes for rinks arenas
Honest candid
Jacob tricked him esau
Katie Ledecky's Olympic team usa
Like a yellow banana ripe
Liposuction cousin tummytuck
Low-cost ride in a popular app uberx
Mac and cheese brand kraft
Main circus tent bigtop
Makes a boo-boo errs
Mardi Gras city, informally nola
Medley mishmash
Metaphorical attempt stab
More than needed extra
Mrs. Truman bess
NYC film festival site tribeca
One of 11 for Julia Louis-Dreyfus emmy
One of 22 for Walt Disney oscar
One often dropping things klutz
One-on-one fight duel
Phishing email, e.g scam
Phone option touchtone
Pie ___ mode ala
Pot concoction stew
Red Raiders' school texastech
Requests asks
Sci-fi time distortion warp
Slanted atilt
Small dog toy
Smooch, in Seville beso
Some flat-screen TVs plasmas
Strikeout record holder Ryan nolan
Submarine detector sonar
Trumpeter Al hirt
Uncontrollable jerks spasms
Untainted pure
Vicinity area
Volleyball move before a set bump
Was humiliated atedirt
What a caret means add
___ San Lucas cabo
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