How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 16 2019

" ___ It Romantic" (2019 Rebel Wilson film) isnt
"Becoming" author Michelle obama
"Let's do this!" itson
"Now!" acronym asap
"That is to say ..." imean
A lot of times, to poets oft
Agreement pact
Andre of tennis agassi
Appear seem
Awfully basic concepts abcs
Baseball count outs
Beneath under
Body shop concerns dents
Booker T. and the ___ mgs
Buddhist branch zen
Caramel seasoning salt
Certain whiz kid boygenius
Chimney gunk soot
Chinese spice named for its shape staranise
Cigar dropping ash
Cinch snap
Cocktail often served with an orchid maitai
Congestion doc ent
Convenience store sight, briefly atm
Cousins and such kin
Craze in a Balkan country? romaniamania
Delay in a Middle Eastern country? kuwaitwait
Entertain amuse
Fish in a can tuna
Frank & ___ (comic strip) ernest
Glitch snag
Having no feeling numb
Heaven bliss
Hide in fear cower
Holsteins' sounds moos
Jabs teasingly pokes
Jared of "Dallas Buyers Club" leto
Jungle ___ gym
Kind of demonstration sitin
Lost shipment inquiry tracer
Lost traction slid
Loving or leaving? gerund
Main point gist
Midsize Nissan altima
Mountaintop figure, perhaps guru
Musical with a redhead annie
NASCAR brand stp
Opera singer's highlight aria
Paul, Italian-style paolo
Pennsylvania port city erie
Perfect place in a Scandinavian country? swedeneden
Popular berry acai
Popular saying adage
Promote plentifully hype
Religious group sect
Self-satisfied smug
Sister's daughter niece
Sobriquet in a South American country? surinamename
Some graduate exams orals
Sounded like a kitty meowed
Stares openmouthed gawks
Stink odor
Take root setin
Terse denial idont
They're taken on stage bows
Three, to Tomas tres
Ticket price category adult
Transformed self newme
Use a Xerox machine copy
Vote in elect
Wanted poster letters aka
Wise Norse god odin
Worry (over) stress
Zap, as leftovers nuke
Zigs' counterparts zags
___ cell research stem
___ point (center of attention) focal
___-Me ("Austin Powers" character) mini
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