How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 13 2011

"Boom-bah" lead-in SIS
"Dig in!" EAT
"Do re mi fa ___ ..." SOL
"For ___ waves of grain ..." AMBER
"Giant" author Ferber EDNA
"The ___ Incident" (Fonda Western) OXBOW
"___ the night before Christmas ..." TWAS
"___ voyage!" BON
500 sheets of paper REAM
A sister of Calliope ERATO
Abbreviations for weekend days ESSES
Acts the bookworm READS
Advanced deg. MBA
Almost win LOSE
Alternative to round-trip ONEWAY
American of Japanese birth ISSEI
Ankle-length cloak CAFTAN
Automatic learning method ROTE
Bass complement TREBLE
Be a bellyacher CARP
Bio class letters RNA
Birds' bills BEAKS
Black-tie affairs GALAS
Break off from mother's milk WEAN
Come up, as questions ARISE
Commends highly LAUDS
Defunct "up, up and away" flier TWA
Drudgery doers PEONS
Eavesdrops LISTENS
Expressway entrance RAMP
Garment for Gandhi DHOTI
Geological layers STRATA
Hand-woven Scandinavian rug RYA
Has permission, to Shakespeare MAYST
Homeowner's title DEED
Leave on a trip EMBARK
Like marquetry INLAID
Like no-holds-barred sports EXTREME
Litter's littlest RUNT
Mexican shawl (Var.) SARAPE
Name on the cover TITLE
Once, once ERST
One way through Paris METRO
Org. that accredits law schools ABA
Oscar's "Odd Couple" pal FELIX
Pancake mixture BATTER
Pea's place POD
Periphery EDGE
Perspires SWEATS
Places for homes on wheels TRAILERPARKS
Reader's Digest co-founder Wallace LILA
Reply from Miss Piggy MOI
Romantic flower ROSE
Sacred Egyptian cross ANKH
Sample of perfume TESTER
Sex appeal OOMPH
Some pugilists-in-training SHADOWBOXERS
Suffix with "puppet" EER
Sweltering time of year DOGDAYSOFSUMMER
Things on the agenda ITEMS
Things that modest people lack EGOS
Took up the challenge DARED
Toymaker in Santa's workshop ELF
Trunk fastener HASP
Truth stretcher LIAR
Victim of Pizarro INCA
Water catcher on a house GUTTER
Whale like Willy or Shamu ORCA
When the plane might land ETA
Wild West transport STAGE
Word with "smoke" or "fire" ALARM
Wound memento SCAR
Young's partner in accounting ERNST
___ Aviv, Israel TEL
___ chi (self-defense system) TAI
___-tac-toe TIC
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