How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 10 2004

"Ixnay" NAH
''Unaccustomed ___ am ...'' ASI
1984 Olympics no-show USSR
A guy on the green ELS
A people of east Africa SOMALI
Achilles' heel WEAKSPOT
Albanian coin LEK
Argument RUNIN
Armor plate that protects the chest (Var.) EGIS
Armstrong transport BIKE
Aspirin targets PAINS
Baby kangaroos JOEYS
Backpacker's fare TRAILMIX
Big sizes, briefly XLS
Biological cavity SAC
Birthplace of St. Francis ASSISI
Braced (oneself) STEELED
Bright light in the big city NEON
Bushy-tailed monkeys SAKIS
Candlelike WAXY
Canyonlands locale UTAH
Casablanca-to-Tunis dir. ENE
Celsius steam point IOO
Characters in a Tchaikovsky ballet SWANS
Chihuahua snack TACO
City in western Bolivia LAPAZ
Clementine's father, in song MINER
Co-star of a 1939 classic LAHR
Common ground for Bush and Kerry YALE
Computer operating system UNIX
Conductor Zubin MEHTA
Conical tent TEPEE
Contemptible LOW
Core element? SEED
Country on the Irish Sea WALES
Curve on a mountain road ESS
Damage superficially MAR
Decay-fighting org. ADA
Declare legally void ANNUL
Dessert that's easy to prepare? PIECEOFCAKE
Director's cry CUT
Double switchback ESS
Drinks in long drafts SWIGS
Elocutionist ORATOR
Eyetooth CANINE
Famous person, informally CELEB
Fed. regulator since 1970 EPA
Field of granular snow NEVE
Fingerboard ridge FRET
First in a series PARTI
First name in horror icons BELA
Fit for repeated service REUSABLE
Floundering ATSEA
Forest place GLADE
Fratricidal farmer CAIN
From the top AFRESH
Gator cousin CROC
German actress Sommer ELKE
Get a life? EXIST
Golf course shouts FORES
Gollywobbler, e.g. SAIL
Grasp, as a punch line GET
Hackberry family ELM
Harvest goddess OPS
Having a sharp flavor TANGY
Hemingway, for one PAPA
Historical period ERA
Home cook's breakfast enhancement brand? LOGCABINSYRUP
Home cook's entree? CHATEAUBRIAND
Home cook's low-cal staple? COTTAGECHEESE
Home cook's salad choice? RANCHDRESSING
Honorarium FEE
How-to stuff ABCS
In good order TIDY
Inventor with a bright idea? EDISON
Island united politically with Trinidad TOBAGO
It often comes to a stop BUS
It's for the soul, in literature CHICKENSOUP
Jam and jelly ingredient PECTIN
James Clavell novel SHOGUN
Jennifer Lopez role SELENA
Jim Davis mutt ODIE
Join forces, in a way WED
Kind of witness MATERIAL
Lacking vitality ANEMIC
Landmark Supreme Court name ROE
Legendary lumberjack BUNYAN
Lizzie Borden's tool, allegedly AXE
Make fun of DERIDE
Marry on the sly ELOPE
Memorization by repetition ROTE
Naval off. ENS
Nave endings APSES
Nerdish guy DWEEB
Nero's 54 LIV
New drivers, often TEENS
Numbered piece OPUS
Oil container CRUET
On a short leash TETHERED
One of a few choice parts? EENY
Paradigm of stubbornness MULE
Peachy keen AOK
Pieces of lemon peel ZESTS
Pizza parlor tool PEEL
Political writer Sir Richard STEELE
Portent OMEN
Prepare a slide STAIN
Profit AVAIL
Quarreling ATIT
Remembrance of things past RECALL
Revise ALTER
Role for 37-Down LION
Ruinous damage HAVOC
Sadie Hawkins Day originator LILABNER
Sandbar SHOAL
School visitor of rhyme LAMB
Sci-fi setting SPACE
Shoe part INSOLE
Sight at a fraternity party, perhaps KEG
Skull part JAW
Snakelike fishes EELS
Someone making amends ATONER
Something to dance around MAYPOLE
Sorrow DOLOR
South Pacific parrot KEA
Stepfather of John F. Kennedy, Jr., familiarly ARI
Suddenly goes crazy SNAPS
System starter? ECO
Takes the bull by the horns ACTS
Thick, messy stuff GUCK
Things that may become bruised EGOS
Title in India SRI
To the ___ degree NTH
Tropical garland LEI
Trouble indicator ALERT
Tulsa locale, briefly OKLA
Tune for the unhip OLDIE
Turns away from SPURNS
TV pattern RASTER
TV's Roseanne BARR
Upped the ante RAISED
Ward workers RNS
Washington's Cold War counterpart MOSCOW
What a new bride may acquire INLAW
White wader IBIS
Without repetition ONCE
Word with cap or coat RED
Work or energy unit ERG
___ Day (May l in Hawaii) LEI
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