How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 08 2019

"Clear everything" button reset
"Go on ..." and
"Ta-da!" there
"Turvy" opener topsy
"Welcome" site mat
*"The Birdcage" co-star nathanlane
*Caramel-filled candy bar milkyway
*Hog heaven easystreet
*Old computer storage device zipdrive
Accomplished did
Alias letters aka
Anne Rice vampire lestat
Big cheese boss
Blackjack table figure dealer
Cause of weird weather lanina
Certain Scandinavian finn
Clucking farm female hen
Colorado native ute
Comedian Margaret cho
Command for renaming a file saveas
Commotion ado
Cupid's counterpart eros
Custodian's collection keys
Daily crossword solving, e.g habit
Designer label letters dkny
DOJ division atf
Dorm event planners, briefly ras
Driver's aid? tee
Elevator tunes muzak
Elliot of the Mamas and the Papas cass
Eye sores styes
Family card game uno
Famous last word end
Gave out assigned
Grazing ground lea
Hideout den
Hit the jackpot wonbig
Home with an ocean view aerie
Hurt ached
Ice-grabbing tool tongs
In bad faith falsely
Iroquois tribe oneida
Jewish meal with bitter herbs seder
Kind of range or limit age
Leave in, editorially stet
Major Japanese port osaka
Make fizzy aerate
Make out discern
Manage, with "out" eke
Mideast's Gulf of ___ aden
Milky-white gem opal
More rare? rawer
Office chair wheel caster
Often-mocked '80s car yugo
Online finance company eloan
Poetic tributes odes
Radio feature dial
Receive get
Robert Frost poem that hints at the starred answers theroadnottaken
Serengeti grazer eland
Snow day rides sleds
Some commercial writers admen
Sounds of laughter heehee
Staircase post newel
Star of Asian cuisine? anise
Strange eerie
Tennis great Bjorn borg
They're often followed orders
Trailing the field deadlast
V-8, for one engine
Vital force of Chinese medicine chi
Voices a view opines
Where Eve met Adam eden
Wither away fade
Without a roommate alone
___ a soul nary
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