How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 08 2012

"Airtight" story ALIBI
"Anna Karenina" author Tolstoy LEO
"Empty hand" fighting skill, literally KARATE
"Eye of newt and toe of frog" context RECIPE
"Eyes" in many emoticons COLON
"Puss in Boots" villain OGRE
"___ contendere" (no contest plea) NOLO
A bit pretentious ARTY
A boss, occasionally FIRER
A son of Aphrodite EROS
Administered medicine DOSED
Adult male deer STAG
Alternatives to Levis LEES
Apathetic BLASE
Attack, as with eggs PELT
Bacteria culture medium AGAR
Bad tempered ORNERY
Balcony feature RAIL
Balkan Wars participant SERB
Ballplayer Fuentes or one of the musical Jacksons TITO
Be head over heels about ADORE
Bean type or shape KIDNEY
Blooming bulb TULIP
By-the-book purchase STAMPS
Came down from one's high horse? ALIT
Cast a creepy glance LEER
CEO candidate MBA
Certain dreadlocked Jamaican, briefly RASTA
Chalkboard material SLATE
Cherry or pizza creation PIE
Choir voice BARITONE
Clean, as with paper towels BLOT
Cone-shaped tent TEPEE
Display happiness, in a way BREAKINTOASMILE
Escalator part STEP
Express discontent REPINE
Former Winter Palace resident (Var.) TZAR
Gazellelike AGILE
Great lake ERIE
Guy that's a doll KEN
He played Tessio in "The Godfather" ABE
Increased, as prices UPPED
Let off the hook? UNPEG
Like a doddering old woman ANILE
Like some exclusive communities GATED
Long-range warhead carrier, briefly ICBM
Lubricated OILED
Make round, as dough ROLLUPINTOABALL
Melt ingredient, often TUNA
Minor in geography? ASIA
Nehemiah follows it EZRA
Not merely -er EST
Not quite ready for the tooth fairy LOOSE
Not with another ALONE
Old Toyota model SUPRA
On the less breezy side, at sea ALEE
Providing particulars GOINGINTODETAIL
Raccoon relative COATI
Shipwreck locale ISLE
Significant time periods ERAS
Simpleton NINNY
Spacious and grand PALATIAL
Start, as a savings account OPEN
Strongman's reference? ATLAS
Tissue additive, perhaps ALOE
Walk leisurely MOSEY
Wet-your-whistle stop INN
Whirl of water EDDY
Wild Huckleberry? FINN
Word at the top of an application NAME
Word with "code" or "restricted" AREA
Yodelers' milieu ALPS
___ fide (in bad faith) MALA
___ Island (former immigration checkpoint) ELLIS
___ la Douce (Shirley MacLaine role) IRMA
___, medium or well done RARE
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