How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 06 2003

"--- to Scarborough" (Sheridan work) ATRIP
"Follow me" COME
"No man --- island" ISAN
"The Matrix" character NEO
--- about (circa) ONOR
--- Turismo GRAN
21st Greek letter PHI
Artist Magritte RENE
Barn building SILO
Bridge score SLAM
Capital before Lincoln OMAHA
Cheese in red wax EDAM
Comes in third SHOWS
Descriptive titles EPITHETS
Did a blacksmith's job SHOD
Down or up preceder LET
Drinks in long drafts SWIGS
Editor's notation STET
Exaggerated HYPEDUP
Extremely long time frames EONS
Fatuous INANE
Female lobster HEN
German conductor Klemperer OTTO
God with iron gloves THOR
Gossip tidbit ITEM
Having a bird's-eye view ATOP
In an excited state AGOG
Inches in a span NINE
Its setting is a setting GEM
Kind of role BIT
Kind of talk TRASH
Land of Tabriz IRAN
Like a male lion MANED
Like draft beer ONTAP
Like fine wine AGED
Like Jack-be-nimble SPRY
Lively, as an imagination VIVID
McDaniel of "Gone With the Wind" HATTIE
Middle of the quip HOSPITALHETOOKA
Mideast currency DINARS
Mountain waterways STREAMS
Name of thirteen popes LEO
Not final or absolute NISI
Not so newsworthy STALER
Of sizable weight HEFTY
One chip, perhaps ANTE
Pelvic bones ILIA
Penny pincher MISER
Philanthropist ALTRUIST
Pinball stopper TILT
Poet's foot IAMB
Prearranged traps SETUPS
Put coins in FED
Ranch wear DENIMS
Related through a mother ENATE
Roman goddess of the moon LUNA
Run-down SEEDY
Sargasso and Mediterranean SEAS
Seasoned mariners SALTS
Square dancer, at times REELER
Start from scratch REDO
Start of a quip requiring medical attention AFTERTWODAYSINA
Statements in court PLEAS
Steinway lever PEDAL
Stirs up ROILS
Storied piper PIED
Tender introduction? LEGAL
The same IDEM
To the point TERSE
Tool with teeth RAKE
Trellis climber IVY
What you may need after a breakdown TOW
Where to get off STOP
Word in some Scott Joplin titles RAG
Word with wolf or star LONE
Zealous AVID
___-fi SCI
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