How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 05 2017

"For Your Eyes ___" (James Bond film) ONLY
"I couldn't care less" feeling APATHY
"Oui" and "si," for two YESES
"Snowy" bird EGRET
"The Fresh Prince of ___-Air" BEL
"The Three Tenors," obviously TRIO
A form of "goodbye" CIAO
Adlai's 1956 running mate ESTES
Angler's account TALE
Anglers' gear LURES
As such PERSE
Bad thing to give away in a theater ENDING
Be the subject of a "fail" video SLIP
Beast like Shrek OGRE
Bindlestiffs HOBOS
Black-and-white sea creatures ORCAS
Boy in the family SON
Butter units PATS
Captain's "to the left" APORT
Chimney duct FLUE
Common test answer TRUE
Consecutive executions of computer programs BATCHPROCESSING
Curvaceous thing on Superman ESS
Disgusted and not taking it anymore FEDUP
Door's swinger HINGE
Drop that's sorrowful TEAR
Elevator man OTIS
Emulate a lion ROAR
English church land GLEBE
Extremely attractive one, per Donna Summer HOTSTUFF
Faint from joy SWOON
Famous boat builder NOAH
First set of wheels, often TRICYCLE
Fit of annoyance HUFF
Has birthday after birthday AGES
Hog, as a landline phone TIEUP
Hole-punching tool AWL
Homer's war epic ILIAD
How a bug might settle into a rug? SNUGLY
John with the tractors DEEDE
Latin list shortener ETAL
Letters of pressure on tires PSI
Longish English assignment ESSAY
Much more patriotic LOYALER
Ne'er-do-well CAD
Opera highlight ARIA
Operate with a beam LASE
Owns HAS
Popular cookie brand OREO
Port of Yemen ADEN
Praying father PADRE
Proofer's notation remark STET
Pupil's location EYE
Romantic bloom ROSE
Sentry stations POSTS
Shop power cutter BANDSAW
Ski lodge beverage COCOA
Some Asian sauces SOYS
Some dinner meats HAMS
Sound from a certain house pet MEOW
Strategic success COUP
Thought process in which ideas suggest other ideas FREEASSOCIATION
Throw a party HOST
Time to hit the coffin, for a vampire SUNUP
Type of cash in a business PETTY
Vehicle in "Call of the Wild" SLED
Vital part of a sting operation? BEE
Volcanic discharge LAVA
Was a big drinker? GULPED
Weekend warriors DOITYOURSELFERS
Why the world is not all good EVIL
Word with "covert" or "photo" OPS
Words you sing LYRICS
Work shifts or tours of duty STINTS
Wrinkly skinned fruit UGLI
___ tube (TV set, in slang) BOOB
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