How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 05 2004

"... not always what they ___" SEEM
"Cannery Row" character DORA
"How Sleep the Brave," for one ODE
"The Razor's Edge" star TYRONEPOWER
"___ Grows in Brooklyn" ATREE
"___ in Cincinnati" WKRP
Breathing problem ASTHMA
Brief period SPELL
Brine-cured salmon LOX
Canal site EAR
Celebrate, in a way LETOFFSTEAM
Celestial bodies STARS
Clairvoyant's claim ESP
Collection of stories ANA
Corbin's "L.A. Law" role ARNIE
Discount tag abbreviation IRR
Divulge a secret TATTLE
Duke, marquis, earl, etc. PEERAGE
Edmund of "Miracle on 34th Street" GWENN
Flies high SOARS
Get away from ELUDE
Grace under pressure POISE
Gridlock components AUTOS
Half a Heyerdahl title AKU
Harvard rival YALE
Hotel employee BELLMAN
How to confirm a password RETYPE
Indianapolis athlete COLT
Infuriation RAGE
Latvia's capital RIGA
Lesley of "60 Minutes" STAHL
Like Leroy Brown BAD
Lord's Prayer opener OUR
Lot of land ACRE
Low-pay position, in slang MCJOB
Made out FARED
Magazine for parents FAMILYLIFE
Maverick's game POKER
Movie critic Roger EBERT
Muslim holy city MECCA
Name on seasonal mail CLAUS
Not the final copy DRAFT
Nuptial or natal starter PRE
Office errand-boy GOFER
One-time bridge ATA
Ostrich relative RHEA
Out of the ordinary RARE
Papier-___ (art material) MACHE
Polish HONE
Pot, in the past REEFER
Pulverized SMASHED
Rags-to-riches author ALGER
Rainbowlike ARCED
Rectangle's four CORNERS
Robert Guillaume sitcom BENSON
Sahara animal CAMEL
Se Ri of the LPGA PAK
Seeped OOZED
Selassie of Ethopia HAILE
Sign of spring THAW
Silas Marner's child EPPIE
Similar ALIKE
Snatch GRAB
Snores, comics-style ZEES
Stanley or Ryder CUP
Start too soon JUMPTHEGUN
Stockpile HOARD
Stop snoozing WAKE
Takes a stab at TRIES
Tennis shot LOB
USN officer CMDR
When Thanksgiving is celebrated in Can. OCT
Wholesale quantity, often CRATE
Wield, as influence EXERT
Withdraws gradually WEANS
Word that follows 17-A, 61-A, 10-D and 25-D BOAT
Wraps up ENDS
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