How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 03 2013

"Divine Comedy" author DANTE
"Enjoy the Silence" band DEPECHEMODE
"Go back one step, computer" UNDO
"Go right, mule!" GEE
"___ story goes ..." SOTHE
112.5 degrees from S ENE
911 response initials EMS
Abbr. after an attorney's name ESQ
Abject fear TERROR
Actor Banderas ANTONIO
Angler's baskets CREELS
Base eight system OCTAL
Beam thrown by Scotsmen CABER
Beastly bellow ROAR
Brand bought by Wile E. Coyote ACME
Brit's service discharge DEMOB
Cambridgeshire's ___ Cathedral ELY
Campus buildings DORMS
Cape Cod clam QUAHOG
Cleo's Antony MARC
Clownish miming APERY
Coffee, tea or milk, e.g BEVERAGE
Convert to cash REDEEM
Dispatched SENT
Doctors' org AMA
Dravidian language TELUGU
Early spring bloomers CROCI
El ___ (painter) GRECO
Extremely spicy HOT
Far from slim OBESE
Feds' document producer GPO
Flat ___ pancake ASA
Footless APODAL
Former name of Tokyo EDO
Funeral vehicle HEARSE
Give a glowing review LAUD
Goddess of abundance and fertility OPS
Grandpa Simpson's first name, briefly ABE
Harley-Davidson trim CHROME
Have a light repast SUP
Herbs of the mint family THYMES
Highlands hillside BRAE
Historical period ERA
Home of Weber State University OGDEN
It's a blast DYNAMITE
It's classified TOPSECRETCODE
Items in a caddie's load IRONS
Kind of artist CON
Long time, geologically EON
Manhattan liquor RYE
Modest place I live in MYHUMBLEABODE
Music legend Nina SIMONE
Orbital high point APOGEE
Paddles propel it CANOE
Pen tip NEB
Persona's counterpart, to Jung ANIMA
Radio announcer's blunder BLOOPER
Reacted with awe OOHED
Retreats in the desert OASES
Romanian money LEU
Ruckus ADO
Scare off DETER
Shaped like a mozzarella stick OBLONG
Site of many Chicago touchdowns OHARE
Slow, musically LENTO
Super stars? NOVAE
Take ten REST
Turns a book into a film, e.g ADAPTS
Unable to find one's way LOST
USNA students MIDS
Virtual-reality substitute AVATAR
Western lilies SEGOS
Wiggly catch EEL
Woodwind instrument OBOE
YouTube offering, briefly VID
___ gin fizz SLOE
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