How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 02 2015

"Dear old" guy DAD
"Get it?" SEE
"___ you glad?" ARENT
Add color to TINCT
Anger IRE
Aquarium fish TETRA
Archaeology sites DIGS
Arthur's mail ARMOR
Be unwell AIL
Be wrong ERR
Beach bathhouses CABANAS
Bee's last resort STINGER
Biscotti flavoring ANISE
Bonehead NITWIT
Bonn's river, in Bonn RHEIN
Born in France NEE
Breakfast choice OMELET
Brief bursts SPURTS
Bruce and Jason LEES
Cattle driver with a whip LASHER
Cavalry weapon SABER
Certain fractions NINTHS
Certain piranhas CARIBES
City in Ohio TOLEDO
Didn't allow to run out RENEWED
Discordant ATONAL
Elevator pioneer OTIS
Exclude DEBAR
Exodus commemoration SEDER
Facilitates EASES
Faucet sound DRIP
Funnel-shaped CONED
Gael's tongue ERSE
Goosebump-raising EERIE
Hawaiian wreath LEI
Helped through difficulty (with "over") TIDED
Home on a treetop AERIE
Lennon's Yoko ONO
Lhasa's land TIBET
Like freshly cut grass MOWN
Like the fastest route DIRECT
Major conflict WAR
Makes electrical improvements REWIRES
Mathematician's ordinal NTH
Melancholy SAD
Mexican Mr SENOR
Milk curdler RENNET
More than angry IRATE
Mortgages, e.g DEBTS
Motorist's hazard? DRIVINGSNOW
Naval rank (Abbr.) ENS
Nondairy spreads OLEOS
Old anesthetic ETHER
One using only a half pipe? SNOWBOARDER
Oven emanation AROMA
Parted waters REDSEA
Petty arguments SPATS
Poetic circle ORB
Prohibit BAN
Pure to the Seven Dwarfs? WHITEASSNOW
Rich rock ORE
Sandwich shops, briefly DELIS
Skips over, as vowels ELIDES
Slip cover? DRESS
Snappy comeback RIPOSTE
Some forensic evidence DNA
Terminate CEASE
They make dog-sledders jealous? SNOWMOBILES
They may be reserved SEATS
To no avail INVAIN
Variety of potato RUSSET
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