How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 02 2007

''Babel'' star PITT
''Christ Stopped at Eboli'' author LEVI
''Fargo'' director COEN
''Independence Day'' assailants ETS
''Saving Private Ryan'' carrier LST
10 cc, perhaps DOSE
A little of this, a little of that OLIO
Air passageway DUCT
Alliance org. founded in 1948 OAS
Andean nation PERU
Archaic ''prior to'' AFORE
Assemblage of Bears TEAM
Atty.-to-be exams LSATS
Beneficiaries DONEES
Bit of a pencil STUB
Campus recruiting grp. ROTC
Certain board material EMERY
Chancellor von Bismarck OTTO
Clash of clans FEUD
Cleverly avoid ELUDE
Coin of the Continent EURO
Cold comfort? COUGHDROPS
Country singer Davis MAC
Dancing garment TUTU
Defeat at bridge SET
Determinant of utility charges USAGE
Disrespectful, in a way SASSY
Eastern nanny AMAH
Egyptian menaces ASPS
Elementary particle MESON
Elizabeth Ann Seton's status SAINTDOM
Familiar with USEDTO
Found pleasant LIKED
Gave ___ (inspired) ALIFT
Gibbs, in a group name GEES
Hello and goodbye ALOHAS
Hipbone sections ILIA
Interrupted breathing APNEA
Kissing disease MONO
KJV suffix ETH
Looked impolitely STARED
Main selection ENTREE
Middle Eastern potentate (Var.) AMIR
Miro, Miro on the wall? ART
Model kit extras DECALS
Mosquitolike insect MIDGE
Northerners who once sympathized with the South DOUGHFACES
Of ill repute SHADY
Palindromic form of address MAAM
Per follower CAPITA
Perfect world UTOPIA
Persnickety one SNOB
Pistol pellets AMMO
Plumed wading bird EGRET
Production in a given period THROUGHPUT
Raccoon's kin COATI
Schooner feature MAST
Self-motivated journey? EGOTRIP
Sharp reply RETORT
Shot put, for one EVENT
Site of the first stroke? TEE
Slyly reticent COY
Spanish-American War figure ROUGHRIDER
Starchy veggie TUBER
Superlatively wise SAGEST
They come to court BEAUS
They leave the park HOMERS
Thick masses CHUNKS
Two-wheeled, horse-drawn vehicle DOGCART
UN agcy. ILO
Word with ''Entertainment!'' or ''Amore'' THATS
___-Roman wrestling GRECO
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