How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 31 2006

''Batman'' actor West ADAM
''Bring on the weekend!'' TGIF
''Hold the phone!'' STOP
''May it be so'' AMEN
''The Remains of the Day'' star REEVE
''Three's Company'' landlord ROPER
''What's a Grecian ___?'' URN
''___ La Douce'' IRMA
100 centesimos, in Chile PESO
66, for one (Abbr.) RTE
Advertising campaign features CATCHLINES
Austere STARK
Bank deposits, maybe ORES
Bear of a constellation URSA
Beyond tipsy LIT
Bikini component BRA
Bit strap REIN
California border lake TAHOE
Capital founded by Pizarro LIMA
Cartographer's creation MAP
Casual turndown word NOPE
Cerebral creation IDEA
Certain potentates EMIRS
Chambers of the heart ATRIA
Cheep accommodations? NEST
Choler IRE
Circumvented EVADED
Clio's sister muse ERATO
Conspire PLOT
Consumer-advocate Ralph NADER
Contradict BELIE
Coral formation ATOLL
Corner TRAP
Court divisions SETS
Dating consideration TYPE
Desktop's big brother MAINFRAME
Deutschland song LIED
Do ablutions LAVE
Doesn't exist ISNT
Dogtrot and canter, for two GAITS
Dusty dry SERE
Elvers EELS
Engineers' gear, once SLIDERULES
Extracts EDUCES
Feature ASPECT
Figures in tables DATA
First U.S. vice president ADAMS
Fishing craft CANOE
Foamy wave top CREST
Foreman superior, once ALI
Formerly ONCE
Fourth in a series of twelve APRIL
Friend in a fray ALLY
Gather on the surface, chemically ADSORB
General's pride STARS
Get in on a deal ANTE
Grease someone's palm BRIBE
Great rating AONE
Grind, as one's teeth GNASH
Haley's chronicle ROOTS
Happen to BEFALL
Helped with the dishes WIPED
High schooler TEEN
Hollywood's Lollobrigida GINA
Instruction for the chef RARE
Israel's Sharon ARIEL
It could be stuffed OLIVE
It has banks in Bern AARE
It may be elementary SCHOOL
It was designed to fall DOMINO
It's cold, regardless of climate ICE
It's not quite a mouthful MORSEL
It's typically a sellout SEASONOPENER
Jane Austen title EMMA
Joke responses HAHAS
Jolliet's 1669 discovery ERIE
Kind of party BACHELOR
Landed, in a way ALIT
Leaders of the pack? ACES
Lexus Cup grp. LPGA
Listings of popular songs HITPARADES
Major suffix ETTE
Make a short cut? SNIP
Make accustomed to ENURE
Marked down LESS
Masher's comeuppance SLAP
Mealtime lure AROMA
Monster of the Himalayas YETI
Motionless INERT
Napoleonic battle site LODI
Niels Bohr, e.g. DANE
No picnic HARD
Nosegay contents, perhaps LILACS
Ohio tire city AKRON
One way to remove a branch LOP
One X of XXX TIC
Opening-night stretches LIMOS
Ottoman pooh-bah AGHA
Paper quantity REAM
Parched ARID
Party hearty REVEL
Pasta possibility PENNE
Peach State campus EMORY
Period of preparation LEADTIME
Pindar poems ODES
Places for lowing LEAS
Places for poultry HENHOUSES
Precipitous SHARP
Prophet SEER
Punic Wars victor ROME
Quarry units SLABS
Rankle IRK
Readies for release EDITS
Relating to the ear OTIC
Sari-clad royal RANI
Sauteed seafood dish SCAMPI
Shakers' partners MOVERS
Showed boredom, in a way YAWNED
Signs of divinity HALOS
Skin cream additive, perhaps ALOE
Some farm utensils PITCHFORKS
Some underground pipes MAINS
Space explorer NASA
Speckled reddish-brown ROAN
Sportscaster's finale GAMEWRAPUP
Squad captain, e.g. TEAMLEADER
Steep, as tea BREW
Syrian president ASSAD
Tahiti, e.g. ILE
Tenement arrangement LEASE
They circulated in Rome, once LIRE
This or that EITHER
Time units, briefly SECS
Tours-to-Nancy dir. ENE
Transfer design DECAL
Trucker's allowance TRET
TV's lifeblood ADS
Two games for the price of one DOUBLEHEADER
Two-___ (ballroom dance) STEP
Undivided ONE
Very uncommon RARE
Wander STRAY
What like poles do REPEL
Willy Wonka's creator DAHL
Wilt SAG
Word with ''transit'' or ''fire'' RAPID
Word with along, on or about COME
Word with egg or old TIMER
Word with talk or time SMALL
Worshipper's word AMEN
Yoga position LOTUS
___ of Court INNS
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