How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 30 2006

''Rob Roy'' author SCOTT
''The Conspiracy Against Childhood'' author Le Shan EDA
''___ la vista'' HASTA
Abridge, e.g. EDIT
Act passionately EMOTE
Advanced sci. degree MSC
Against ANTI
An earth color SIENNA
April honoree FOOL
Author Umberto ECO
Barrel cleaner RAMROD
Be plentiful ABOUND
Boo-hoos SOBS
Bring to ruin UNDO
Catches in the act NABS
Computer neophyte NEWBIE
Court violation CONTEMPT
Diurnal periods DAYS
Even wood SAND
Fun food for Fido ORT
Gaseous element NEON
Gets the better of BESTS
Gin flavoring SLOE
Health farm SPA
Heavy and then some OBESE
High-pitched instrument OBOE
Home on the range? TEPEE
Host's invitation SIT
Idle gossip, e.g. TALKOFTHETOWN
Incorporate ABSORB
It can be flat NOTE
Jam ingredient AUTO
Large earthenware jar OLLA
Litter's smallest RUNT
Looped cross ANKH
Low female singing voice ALTO
Lower in public estimation ABASE
Mini-nuisance GNAT
Muppet name SAM
Musical wrap-up CODA
Not worthy UNFIT
Nudnik PEST
One of Rocky's rivals APOLLO
One with good judgment VOICEOFREASON
Part of an ice cream cone SCOOP
Part of some college courses LAB
Pilgrimage site MECCA
Poetic form ODE
Printers' widths ENS
Proboscises SNOUTS
Protracted LONG
Put away STOWED
Relinquish one's hold LETGO
Rum concoction MAITAI
Self-deprecating utterance DUH
Sheepcote matriarch EWE
Sheepish response BAA
Shipwreck cause, sometimes REEF
Sibilant sound HISS
Ski resort fixture TBAR
Speckled reddish-brown ROAN
Technologically advanced STATEOFTHEART
Type of wood TEAK
Uncivilized SAVAGE
Under Cupid's spell INLOVE
Unjust accusation BADRAP
Upscale abode CONDO
Vessel edge LIP
Victorian, for one ERA
Violin bow application ROSIN
Virtuoso MAVEN
Vulgarian LOUT
Whale of a movie ORCA
What thsi is TYPO
Winner's position ONTOP
Word with rain or sport COAT
Young goat KID
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