How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 26 2011

"As You Like It" forest ARDEN
"Hud" Oscar-winner Patricia NEAL
"Little Fockers" actor DENIRO
"___ Only Just Begun" WEVE
Bobbysocks ANKLETS
Brief bits of leisure IDLEMOMENTS
Chowder ingredient CLAM
Collection of crows MURDER
Common Market letters EEC
Cookie favorite OREO
Dire destiny DOOM
Earthen pot OLLA
Enjoy thoroughly EATUP
Escape clauses OUTS
Factor in a class grade TEST
Flower clusters RACEMES
Handcuffs MANACLES
Hiccup cause SPASM
Hindu mister SRI
Hockey stick shape ELL
Host before Paar and Carson ALLEN
It's between finishing a job and starting another SLACKPERIOD
Java variety MOCHA
Latvian capital RIGA
Like new recruits RAW
Long-legged shore bird AVOCET
Make changes to REVISE
Mineo of film SAL
Mortar and ___ PESTLE
Of ears or hearing AURAL
One who gives blood DONOR
One with powers of foresight SEER
Open-handed blow SLAP
Ornamental ribbons ROSETTES
Paintings and sculptures ART
Parish official VICAR
Plant with prickers BRIER
Poet, at a reading RECITER
Pretty pitiful SAD
Printer's layout PASTEUP
Quaff in a pint ALE
Quash, as a bill VETO
Queen of Hades HECATE
Sail supporter MAST
See in the distance ESPY
Shad delicacy ROE
Sort of nest egg IRA
Sporting wings ALATE
Stage between egg and pupa LARVA
Steals from an abandoned store, e.g. LOOTS
Superman portrayer Christopher REEVE
Surprise greatly STUN
Symptom of malaria AGUE
Tex-Mex snack TACO
Tide not likely to cause a flood NEAP
Titles for Coptic bishops ABBAS
Total cessation STANDSTILL
Tumbler's surface MAT
Twisty-horned antelope ELAND
Type of duck TEAL
Type of lodge or home MOTOR
Type size PICA
Unfeeling STONY
Ungentlemanly gentleman CAD
United Nations agcy. ILO
Western law assemblage POSSE
Westernmost African city DAKAR
What people with nothing to do have TIMETOKILL
Without a stitch on BARE
Word of warning CAVEAT
Word on a washroom door MEN
Word with "bump" or "ran" INTO
Wrapped Tijuana treat TAMALE
___ in comparison PALED
___ McNally (atlas publisher) RAND
___ nut (wheel fastener) LUG
___-o'shanter TAM
___-to-riches RAGS
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