How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 25 2017

"Break a leg" and "running on empty" IDIOMS
"To ___ his own" EACH
5,280 feet MILE
6 x 9 in. book size OCTAVO
Asset for social people APPROACHABILITY
Baptism or marriage ceremony, e.g RITE
Bay of Naples isle CAPRI
Certain skating leap AXEL
Cheese from 4-Down's country BRIE
City of Lights PARIS
Commercials ADS
Curled up FETAL
Dairy producer COW
Did a dude ranch activity ROPED
Directed a small boat OARED
Drug offender's option, sometimes REHAB
Dumb, for some, e.g RHYME
Eight things, collectively OCTET
Every single day has one DATE
Extinct New Zealand bird MOA
Feudal estate FIEF
Fire residues ASHES
Fishes with expansive nets SEINES
General vicinity AREA
Give as a privilege ENTITLE
Graceful bird known for wading HERON
High mountain ALP
Hindu garment SARI
Huge portion of cake SLAB
Immature insect LARVA
Intentionally not spend SAVE
Kind of 70-Across BIRCH
Learn-on-the-job positions APPRENTICESHIPS
Left-hand side of a book VERSO
Letters on ambulances EMS
Like Columbus at work ASEA
Linda or Dale of entertainment EVANS
Lots and lots SLEWS
Lots of bucks? DEER
Make quick, light cuts SNIP
Makes a deduction INFERS
Middle-Earth creature ORC
Military lookout SENTINEL
Munched ATE
Muscat native OMANI
Nickname for Ireland EIRE
Notorious Roman emperor NERO
One who lives far from work OUTLIER
Opera highlight provided by one ARIA
Part of a flowery presentation, sometimes VASE
Put a scratch on, for example MAR
Rightness or relevance Appropriateness
Russian leader, once TSAR
Small testers of one's patience IMPS
Some drum sounds RATTAT
Some print shop measures ENS
Sparkler in a setting GEM
Standard or foundational BASIC
Steppe antelope SAIGA
Strengthen an embankment REVET
Sword used in competitions EPEE
Tavern offering BEER
Thrust a bayonet STAB
Tibetan religious figure LAMA
Tightening muscle TENSOR
Topmost beam of a home ROOFTREE
Traffic caution color AMBER
Trunk covered in bark BOLE
Use, as the good china EATON
Valuable, milky stone OPAL
Vintner's valley NAPA
Word with "help" or "control" SELF
Workbench clamp VISE
Written course conclusion, often EXAM
___ gin fizz SLOE
___ snuff (good enough) UPTO
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