How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 24 2012

"Beverage crystals" since 1957 TANG
"Chill out!" BECALM
"Do re mi fa ___ ..." SOL
"His Master's Voice" brand RCA
"In ___ of flowers ..." LIEU
"Me too" kind of guy ECHOER
"You ___?" (butler's question) RANG
"___ only as directed" USE
20-20, in vision NORMAL
2004 Viggo Mortensen film HIDALGO
A bit of land in the ocean ISLET
A lot of Micronesia ATOLLS
A whole one has no stem NOTE
Addr. book entry TEL
Ambulance ___ CHASER
Appeals to a deity PRAYS
Arctic mass BERG
Avoid finishing a sentence? ESCAPE
Bamboo-eating bear PANDA
Be in need of a sick day AIL
Bed-frame crosspiece SLAT
Big bird of the pampas RHEA
Biology class initials RNA
Cafeteria worker's hairdo BUN
Cantab's rival ELI
Card game with melding CANASTA
Certain Arabian Peninsula resident OMANI
Cheddar choice MILD
Coin-operated cafeteria AUTOMAT
Collection of miscellaneous pieces OLIO
Colorful spotted flowers TIGERLILIES
Convoy apparatus RIG
Courageous, comparatively ASBOLDASALION
Cousin of a croc GATOR
De-squeaks the Tin Man OILS
Doesn't shut up GOESON
Droid cousin BOT
Evidence of healing SCAB
Firewood supporter ANDIRON
Grad-school degree PHD
Hawaiian food staple TARO
Hydrox rival OREO
In a funk SAD
In the best of all possible worlds IDEALLY
Island that's home to orangutans BORNEO
James Michener opus IBERIA
Large Chinese seaport SHANGHAI
Leno's channel NBC
Living things in a certain region BIOTA
Mark with blotches MOTTLE
More robust-looking HALER
Not even ajar SHUT
One end of London EAST
One result of a gas shortage LINE
One who can't bear his family? MALE
Part of a music gig SET
Patriotic monogram USA
Patterns of experience, in psychology GESTALTS
Poetic contraction OER
Pose questions ASK
Scaly Egyptian ASP
Shelley's "___ to the West Wind" ODE
Shipping containers CRATES
Songs of praise PSALMS
Stealthy thieves CATBURGLARS
Stir up, as interest AROUSE
Tapped-out person's letters IOU
The Carolinas' ___ Dee River PEE
Three-note chord TRIAD
Tokyo sash OBI
Transpose digits, e.g ERR
Understood, as a punch line GOT
Unlawful fire-starting ARSON
Where some people request to be buried ATSEA
Writing implement PEN
Yoko who married Lennon ONO
___ down (crouch) HUNKER
___-serif (type style) SANS
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