How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 21 2008

''... which ___ was irksome to me'' (Shakespeare) ERST
''Gimpel the Fool'' writer Singer ISAAC
''Give ___ break!'' USA
''Rock Around the Clock,'' e.g. OLDIE
''The Balcony'' painter MANET
''When We Dead Awaken'' dramatist IBSEN
007, for some ROLE
Advantageous place KEYPOSITION
Amy Winehouse song topic REHAB
Andes tuber OCA
Asian country NEPAL
Bart's teacher EDNA
Become preoccupied OBSESS
Bogus bar OLEO
Bridges SPANS
Cakewalk ROMP
Capital of Samoa APIA
Carnival ride? CRUISE
Certain unfair advantage HEADSTART
City on Great South Bay ISLIP
Civil injustice TORT
Compendious TERSE
Dash of panache ELAN
Divested (of) RID
Epitome of thinness RAIL
Expels SPEWS
First-aid flora ALOE
Flying African menace TSETSE
Full-grown MATURE
Gloomy Gus' expression ALAS
Good place to be in racing INSIDETRACK
Gruel, e.g. SLOP
Hamelin's bane RODENTS
Hardly dense SPARSE
Horse-and-buggy and others ERAS
In the old days ONCE
It may be a shore thing PIER
It often leaves the yard SAIL
Jungian feminine component ANIMA
Kerman man IRANI
Kind of fluid WIPER
Limb extenders STILTS
Members of the PGA PROS
Military offensive of 1968 TET
Monty Python first name ERIC
More anomalous ODDER
No celibate, he ROUE
No gleeful giver, he MISER
Old Ford LTD
Person who's hard to take PILL
Place for a valve AORTA
Progress by leaps and bounds? HOP
Proofer's nevermind STET
Rain cats and dogs POUR
Scrapbook pastings ANA
Shade of blue? TRUE
Sherman Hemsley series AMEN
Some etiquette rules NONOS
Source of support BACKER
Sphere of competition ARENA
Stature-deprived SHORT
Stood by WAITED
Substance MEAT
Supplicates PRAYS
Temper, as words MINCE
They feel for you SENSORS
They'll give you a bleating EWES
Throw off, as light EMIT
Turn over the pigskin, in a way PUNT
Type of kiss or pie ESKIMO
Units used to measure carloads TONS
Unvoiced TACIT
Uses the knocker RAPS
Wasp's nest location, sometimes EAVE
What one in control has UPPERHAND
When shadows are short NOON
Whoops it up REVELS
Yearned to see a dentist ACHED
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